humangrid capitalization reaches 3,5 million Euros in 2010


The influx of investors and capital for humangrid has not stopped. For the second time this year new investors have shown their support for the successful internet company. Corporate Finance Partners CFP & Founders Investments add 500,000 Euros to humangrid’s capitalization. Just recently in March 2010 private investors Klaus Wecken and his children Ina and Ferry Wecken partnered with the company. Their investment, along with other new investment by existing shareholders, brought 3 million Euros to humangrid’s capital. This new investment further raises that amount to € 3.5 million already this year.

“humangrid’s business model, which uses the concept of “crowdsourcing” and “atomizing” large jobs, is unique in Europe. We think it will be a long term megatrend that integrates well with other business models in the internet and promises a lot of growth” says Andreas Thümmler Chief Executive of CFP & Founders Investments of their recent investment in humangrid. humangrid’s business is crowdsourcing. Their unique internet platform divides large projects such as creating texts, product classification or data capture among many freelance workers, known as clickworkers. The advantage to the client is obvious, the jobs are done very quickly, inexpensively and they can be customized to suit their individual needs. The quality of the results is guaranteed through various quality control measures. This concept has received multiple commendations.

The concept started in 2006. The company entered the German market in mid 2009 and in 2010 they expanded into the American market. Since then, in response to market demands and specific client requirements, the range of services they provide has steadily grown. With that the number of clickworkers has also grown. In the past six months they have grown from 10,000 to over 40,000. Most striking is the jump in the number of clickworkers in the USA. Over 15,000 new clickworkers have signed up in the past two months alone. “There is seemingly no end to the company’s growth potential. We have not yet uncovered all the possible applications of our internet platform and there will always be new markets and customers. This influx of additional capital will ensure our plans for continued growth,” says humangrid Chief Executive Officer Wolfgang Kitza.

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