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The Crowd against Electoral Fraud

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Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands in the Indian Ocean. This widespread area and the low annual per capita income of the inhabitants apparently enables the breach of election laws. During the presidency elections this year a fight was launched against the problem of electoral fraud with the help of Crowdsourcing. How does that work? With the support of three platforms!


New star ratings for German writers

No english version available.

Clickworkers can be easily paid through PayPal – but how?


Crowd Supporting Space Research


The American space probe „ISEE-3“(International Sun/Earth Explorer) later renamed as “ICE” (International Cometary Explorer) was sent into heliocentric orbit in 1978. The mission of the space probe was to provide new data on the sun, earth, and comets. ICE was a versatile forerunner. This is the first probe to provide information on the solar winds, as well as on the composition of comets: these consist mainly of ice, gases, and organic molecules. It also supported other probes, such as the sun probe Ulysses, in their missions. Although ICE was officially abandoned in 1997, it is still floating around in space.


5555 likes for our Facebook Fanpage – Looking for a New Look!


Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-21 um 15.12.33

Yeah! Our Facebook Fanpage has just reached the magical number of 5555 “Likes”. That is not only a reason to celebrate, but also time for a little facelift.

Do you have creative talents and would you like to help us to jazz up our aging profile image? That would be great! Why not take part in our contest and design our new Facebook Profile Picture? The three Clickworkers whose images are most voted will receive cash prizes. The winner will receive 50€ and prizes of 30€ and 20€ are waiting for the Second and Third places. (more…)

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