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Clickworker has a new Spell Checker!


We have finally installed another Spell Check tool for the text creation tasks at The tool finds any spelling mistakes, marks them in red, and displays any grammar mistakes in yellow.


Disaster Relief from the Crowd

The incredible feats that can be achieved when lots of people work together hand in hand are particularly obvious in extreme situations. The case of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 missing since March 2014 is a good recent example. The satellite data from the US satellite company DigitalGlobe has been reviewed and any suspicious images have been reported by the Crowd. This helped to delimit the search area and simplified the investigations. Today there are news: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak just informed family members of the flight passengers that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean. Beforehand the investigators believed in a rupture since parts of a plane had been apparently spotted on satellite pictures in an area under search in Australia. (more…)

Text creation simplified with clever tools


Anyone can write an interesting text? Well, at least anyone can try to learn it. Think of any good texts you like to read in the newspaper, online or in magazines. What is so special about them?

Clickworkers can use their writing skills in different ways. Obviously the text type depends on the Clickworker-project. Quite often clickworkers have to use keywords and stick to a certain text structure. As a matter of course it is important to read job instructions closely. This way any mistakes can be avoided easily.

If you are running out of inspiration, dont’t worry! On the Internet, there is a countless number of electronic gadgets available which can be great support when writing texts.


Make three out of two – Writers and Editors are getting new companions, the Supervisors

This blog article is only available in German.

Zeitgeist – Short Story Competition

Congratulations! Here are the winners of our short story competition “Zeitgeist”:

Außer Betrieb – by Ursula Wyputta

Stromausfall – by Katja Donath

Roundtrip to Hell and Back – by Carlos Ferreira

We would like to say Thanks to all writers, who participated in our short story contest with more than 250 short stories submissions about the topic “Zeitgeist – Spirit of the time”.

We really enjoyed reading all these beautiful and creative stories and were happy to add them to our clickworker blog. We were especially ecstatic on how the given topic was interpreted so individually by each author, resulting in completely unique short stories. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all English and German stories as there were simply too many, which sadly forced us to make a selection of the most suitable stories.

We hope, you enjoyed the stories as much as we did!


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