Crowdsourcing for companies

Increasing efficiency with the power of the crowd Have you got a large-scale project that needs to be processed in a short period of time? Would it reassure you to know that the manpower of over 700,000 workers is available on demand? Out of the question? clickworker can arrange it! We have a network of over 700,000 Clickworkers at our disposal ready to handle and complete your projects without any overhead costs. This means that your company profits from a flexible reaction to peaks in demand, and unexpected large-scale projects do not represent an insoluble task.

Crowdsourcing at clickworker – How does it work?

We analyze your requirements together with you and divide your project into individual work parcels, so-called microjobs. A network of over 700,000 qualified Clickworkers all of whom have proven their expertise in a multi-level qualification process are then at your disposal, and can start work on your order immediately. We reassemble the microjobs after they have been completed and deliver the finished overall result.

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Crowdsourcing – Typical applications


Unique Content
Creation and optimization of texts in numerous languages.


All types of text
translated by native speakers.


Categorization & Tagging
Structuring large amounts of data by categorizing and indexing.


Web Researches
Adress data research and verification, leads and keywords researches, …

Crowdsourcing – origins and definition

The term "crowdsourcing" was originally coined by "Wired Magazine" writer Jeff Howe in 2006 and is a combination of the words "outsourcing" and "crowd". Outsourcing traditionally describes transferring work processes from your own company to an external service provider in order to use the economies of scale involved and minimize costs. A crowd generally describes a large number of individuals who form a community.

The crowdsourcing principle therefore describes a process in which companies outsource parts of their work processes and fall back on a community of thousands of people (the crowd) instead of individual service providers.

The crowd is always a good choice whenever companies have to handle a larger number of tasks in a relatively short period of time. The use of the crowd makes a large number of workers available on demand without creating any overhead costs. Therefore, when demand is irregular, a company can make use of the manpower of thousands of workers on a flexible basis.

It goes without saying that the crowd is best used for tasks that are easily divided into individual work parcels and then reassembled to a convincing overall result after completion. In addition, the task that is being outsourced must not require any profound knowledge of your own product or company. This is essential to ensure that a sufficient number of qualified workers are available to implement the project in a short period of time and provide satisfactory results.