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Ambitious E-Commerce companies are often caught unawares by their own success. Website relaunch, introduction of new products, newsletter, SEO strategy, internationalization – a sharp increase in growth can often cause bottlenecks in resources. Irrespective of whether your business is getting started or whether you are in a period of expansion. We can help you avoid restrictions on growth during sharp increases and seasonal peaks in demand also.
With our service and a large, international network of Clickworkers, we can create, process or search for thousands of data requests in numerous languages at record pace.


To ensure the success of your E-Commerce we offer special services and solutions that will help optimize your online shop and attract increasingly well-informed and digitally networked consumers. Some important E-Commerce success factors and sectors in which we will be glad to assist you are:

Optimal product presentation:

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are important for the success of your shop. Search engine optimized product descriptions by clickworker
  • cater to consumer information requirements, lower the purchase inhibition threshold and reduce the returns quota;
  • by providing more information and your own style you will stand out in contrast to your rivals and
  • every product page will be an ideal landing page for Internet users to find their desired product via Google & Co.
The product descriptions include essential basic information regarding the nature of the product in question as well as its applications according to your specifications. In addition to the factual and exhaustive description, our Clickworkers also observe the correct takeover of data and numbers relevant to the product.

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Product data management

Detailed and well-managed product data are one of the most important criteria for the optimal presentation of your products. Use the “Product data management” service provided by clickworker

  • for the resource-saving management and updating of your product data;
  • to provide the detailed product information your customers need to make a purchase decision and
  • to receive digitalized product data that can be used to enhance and refine the facet filter for your search function in the online shop
Our Clickworkers will extract the product data requested according to your specifications and requirements from templates such as PDFs, image files, excel sheets or print catalogues. These data will then be transferred directly into your system.

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Product categorization and tagging

A well-structured shop in which products and offers are clearly classified in classes of goods and categories make it easy for the customer to find the products they are looking for. The categorization and tagging of your products by clickworker

  • will optimize the usability of your shop;
  • make it easy for your customers to find the products they are looking for by means of the internal search function and
  • improve your search engine ranking with search engine such as Google & Co.
  • Our Clickworkers will classify each product from your range of goods into the appropriate category of merchandise in your shop and will also provide appropriate keywords on request.

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Search engine optimized content and added value for customers

Category texts

Category texts from clickworker are informative and enhance your range of offers and products. In the website structure, they are superordinate to the product description pages. The category texts provide

  • long-lasting content for your website that will put you in a top search engine ranking position and attract visitors.
  • This content is also an excellent way to link and draw attention to your top products in the shop.
  • Our Clickworkers write category texts that present the content of the respective product categories to your visitors without incorporating seasonal and trend-driven information. This ensures that the category texts are long lasting.

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Advice texts

Advice texts from clickworker are important sources of information for your customers and bring considerable added value. These variable and well-written advice texts provide

  • expert knowledge related to your products that offset the competitive edge of expert magazines with an associated shop.
  • Furthermore, they give your customer a reason to visit your website at regular intervals.
  • The integration of product related keywords in the texts additionally supports the search engine optimization.
  • Depending on your requirements, the texts can be authored by Clickworkers whose interests harmonize with your products. When our Clickworkers write the texts, the emphasis is always on the practical use for your customers and readers. More information

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Glossary texts

A glossary offers content that is appreciated by your customers and search engines alike. The glossary texts created by clickworker provide

  • a considerable amount of search engine optimized, plagiarism-free content that will put your website in a top search engine ranking position.
  • In addition, you provide your customers with expert knowledge related to your offer, bring considerable added value and
  • give them a reason to visit your website at regular intervals.
  • Our qualified Clickworkers author unique search engine optimized glossary texts in a variety of subject areas and terms in numerous languages. If requested, you can specify the terms yourself or ask us to provide a list of suggestions.

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Competition monitoring:

Online competitor research

Online trade is booming and as a result there is more competition. To assert oneself on the market one has to keep up with the rapid development in E-Commerce and, if possible, be a step ahead of the competition. This calls for continuous monitoring of the competition. With the clickworker competitor research

  • you can quickly verify your competitors’ product offer and compare it to your own offer to derive optimization potential,
  • you can have a competitor’s list of customers created from reference pages or
  • you can have the competitor’s list of delivery and payment conditions as well as further services itemized.
  • Our Clickworkers can search for any kind of information concerning your competitor on the Web. The data is simultaneously searched for by two independent Clickworkers and is verified by assessing the consistency of the results.

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