FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in this section. If you don’t find the answer in this section feel free to send your question to help-us@clickworker.com

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General FAQ

Which URL do I use to log into the clickworker workplace?
The direct link to log into the workplace is https://workplace.clickworker.com. Or visit our website at: www.clickworker.com and click on “Login”.
Where can I live and still work for clickworker?
We currently accept Clickworkers that can fulfill either of the following conditions:
  • You have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country, or
  • You have a valid PayPal account and can accept payment via PayPal
The main reason for this is technical restrictions. We will update the FAQ should other payment mechanisms become available in the future.
Where can I obtain a PayPal account?
You can apply for a PayPal account on PayPal’s website at https://www.paypal.com/ Please note that PayPal is simply a service provider to clickworker and no other relationship exists between PayPal and clickworker.

FAQ – Assessments

Why does it make sense to take an assessment?
Before you start working as a Clickworker you have to qualify for the appropriate tasks. Assessments are provided under the following categories:
  • Base Assessment
  • Project Assessment
Right now, we aren’t able to consider your profile settings when we make assessments. So, you may come upon a French-language assessment even though you’ve indicated that you don’t speak French. The assessments are designed to assess your personal abilities. Please do not copy someone else’s work and present it as your own. Should we find an instance of plagiarism you will receive a lower score, which may lead to your exclusion from some or all projects.
What is the difference between Base Assessments and Project Assessments?
We are providing quite a variety of assessments, depending on your preferences and skills. The category base assessment contains assessments for future projects. The category project assessment contains assessments for current projects.
Can I repeat an assessment?
Retaking an assessment is not something that we typically allow. Exceptions are for system errors which may have caused a problem with the results. Assessments are systemically made available for each Clickworker to only appear once. However, we do provide additional assessments just prior to a new project going live. This gives you the opportunity to continue to qualify for more work.
I’ve finished the “Qualify as an author for … text writing”. Why is the result score still zero?
Some assessments require manual scoring by our team. As you can imagine, manual scoring takes time. In those instances you might experience a delay of up to two weeks. Of course, it is in our own interest to score your assessment as soon as possible, since we do need all the help we can get servicing the projects of our clients.

FAQ – Orders

What do I have to do before I can start with a project?
Before you can start with a current project you have to qualify yourself by passing the matching assessment. The assessments are displayed as base and project assessments. Currently, all assessments are shown without considering your profile data. The assessments are designed to assess your personal abilities. Please do not copy someone else’s work and present it as your own. Should we find an instance of plagiarism you will receive a lower score, which may lead to your exclusion from some or all projects.
Why aren’t there any tasks available for me?
There are a number of possible causes: You have not been assigned to a specific project, because:
  • You may not have taken the assessment.
  • Your assessment has not yet been scored.
  • Your score is below the minimum score for the project.
  • There are no tasks available for the projects for which you are qualified. In this case we ask for your patience until new tasks are entered into the system.
How long do I have to complete a task?
The answer is different for each project. However, for each task you will see a “Remaining Time” counter displayed.
What are “Jobs in Review“?
“Jobs in Review“are just that – tasks we are reviewing for quality issues, compliance with instructions, etc. These tasks may be disposed of in a number of ways:
  • We may accept the task just as it was submitted; or
  • We may send it back to the original author for rework; or
  • We may reject it outright.
An outright rejection of a task is unusual. Typically, this only happens if someone purposely ignored the instructions, willfully processed the task incorrectly, or refused to rework the task. Under normal circumstances, tasks will be listed with completed jobs (ready for payment) within a week.
Why do tasks “disappear“?
Task lists are a snapshot of the jobs available when you bring up that list. You may have started working on your list, and after returning to it find it empty. This is because others are also working on the project and may have depleted those available tasks. As you know, we cannot guarantee the availability of tasks.
I worked on a task and when I hit the submit button I was redirected to the task selection page rather than the next task. Why is that?
There are two reasons this may happen:
  • You have exhausted the available tasks; or
  • You have exceeded the maximum available time to complete the task.
In both cases you are directed to the task selection page. If you exceeded the maximum available time to complete the task it is possible to receive the same task. This is of course only possible if another Clickworker did not start work on that task yet.
Are there negative consequences for skipping a task?
For most normal large projects there are no noticeable drawbacks as long as there are still assignable tasks available. Skipping a task assures that you won’t receive that particular task again – at least for the next several minutes. If the number of assignable tasks is very low you may not be offered another task.
A task was canceled and payment was canceled, too. Why?
The payment process is divided into several steps. When you submit a task you will receive an immediate credit into your clickworker account balance. After that, your task is being queued for review by an editor. If the task is rejected you will receive it back for rework. This will result in a debit to your clickworker account. Once you submit your rework you will see another credit to the account. The reworked version is now queued to another editor for review. If the second editor considers the work unacceptable you will see another final debit. You will not get another chance to redo the work.

FAQ – Settlement

When do I receive payment?
Currently, there are two payment options – SEPA bank account transfers and PayPal payments. Please also consult with the FAQ items “Payment to a SEPA account” and “Payment to a PayPal account” for further details within the payment procedure. Please remember that you will only get paid if we have valid bank account or PayPal account data, as well as your tax information on file.
Payment to a SEPA account
Settlement and payment of your account at clickworker happens between the 7th-9th day of the month for balances as of the last day of the previous month. If the 7th-9th is on a weekend or a public holiday in our payment office, payment is rendered on the first working day after the 7th-9th. For Clickworkers in SEPA countries we “wire” or “ACH” the payment to your bank account. Remember that it can take up to three business days for the money to appear in your account. Please remember that you will only get paid if we have valid bank account as well as your tax information on file. Minimum payment is €10 for our SEPA-Clickworkers.
Payment to a PayPal account
Payment happens every week from Wednesdays-Fridays. PayPal will notify you via e-mail that you have received a payment. Please remember that you will only get paid if we have valid PayPal account data as well as your tax information on file. Minimum payment is €5/$5. For those, who create a new paypal account in order to get paid via clickworker: Please make sure to verify your account immediately and make it eligible to receive payments, otherwise our payment may be sent back to us.
Do I have to declare my earnings for tax purposes?
Please consult your tax advisor for your particular situation.
Where do I find my statements? Can I download or print them?
Find the menu item “My clickworker.com“where you will find the settlement statements, all of which have already been paid. You will have the option to view them in PDF format. To download the file simply right-click and select “Save Link As”.
How do I get paid?
Clickworkers receive a fixed fee for each job they complete. This fee is displayed in the list of available projects before you accept the job and always applies to one single job. If for example a text job requires 10 texts, and the fee stated is EUR 3,00, it means that you can theoretically earn 10 x EUR 3,00 on this project.
How high are the fees?
Fees can differ greatly depending on the type of project and job description. They can range anywhere from a few cents to double-digit Euro sums. The fee is calculated according to the estimated average processing time as well as the level of difficulty, length of the text, amount of research involved or special knowledge skills. Earnings are also powerfully related to the amount of routine the individual Clickworker has. The faster the job gets done, the higher the targeted “hourly wage”. Complex jobs may require an initial period of familiarization, however they usually pay off through a higher fee.

FAQ – Technical Issues

The Task Management page does not display correctly. Do I need to use a specific web browser?
Different web browsers may display web pages differently, and sometimes even incorrectly. clickworker is continuously working on increasing the cross-browser compatibility of our entire site. At the time of this writing, we recommend the use of the current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari for use with clickworker. Having said that please be aware that even different release versions of the same web browser may display a web page differently.
How can I use special Characters, such as those used in other languages?
Other alphabets or special characters can be created from any keyboard type. In Microsoft Windows you will need to go to your control panel. Select “Regions and Language”, then “Keyboard and Language”, then “Change Keyboards”. The resulting dialog will allow you to change or add another language. Using the left ALT key and the shift key at the same time will allow you to toggle back and forth between language settings.