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The “Google Universal Search” function often positions multimedia content at the top of the search results. You can simplify the work of the search engines by enhancing your media content with descriptions, keywords and categories. This leads to better placement with Google & Co. and improves the presentation of content to users of your portal.
We examine your files according to your needs, irrespective of the type or size of media files (for example, videos, photos, illustrations, drawings, audio files, PDFs) to be displayed online; we then assess, categorize and tag them, or write short, search engine optimized descriptions of the files.
With our technical know-how and service, as well as a large, international network of Clickworkers, we can process thousands of data requests in numerous languages at record pace.


We provide the following solutions and services to ensure the success of your website by positioning your offer up front in external search engines such as Google & Co.; in doing so, you also simplify the overview and navigation of your site for visitors and supply them with valuable information regarding the media files offered:

Tagging, categorization & assessment of files

Tagging & Categorization

The larger the number of files you offer on your website, the larger the need to structure them clearly and provide them with appropriate tags / keywords for better traceability. Therefore, the media files you have made available can be easily and intuitively traced by your target group via internal search functions. Appropriate keywords can also be used as attributes for a facet filter on your website: your web visitors define their search for the video, image or audio file requested, and as a consequence, can deliberately limit the search results. The tagging and categorization of media files also has a positive effect on the ranking of your web content with search engines such as Google & Co. and leads to a top placement and additional visitors.

We provide support for the prompt and resource-saving tagging and categorization of your media files such as videos, audio files, PDFs, photos, illustrations and drawings. This includes the following services:

  • Evaluation of image files (for example G-rated or X-rated)
  • Classification of image features (for example horizontal or vertical format / graphics or photo / with or without individuals/ colors/ etc.)
  • Tagging of images (for example with synonyms: cup = cup, mug, beaker, container, …)
  • Categorization of images (for example individuals, child, group / building, private, house / nature, plants, tree / etc.)
  • Tagging of audio files (for example a piece of music by Mozart: Mozart, classical, the Magic Flute, instrumental, …)
  • Categorization of audio files (for example music, vocals, pop / audio book, children, fantasy / etc.)
  • Assessment of video files (for example according to image quality and sound)
  • Tagging of video files (for example instruction videos: crafts, knitting, knitting patterns, lace stitch, knitting instructions)
  • Categorization of video files (for example sports, ball sports, indoor sports, handball / music, folk music, Italy / etc.)

With our large and international network of freelancers, our so-called Clickworkers, we can quickly tag thousands of media files with relevant terms. According to your specifications, we will tag any video, image, audio file and PDF with three, four, five or more terms that correspond to the illustration, video or audio file.
Our Clickworkers will classify your entire media files in the relevant categories in compliance with your web and offer structure. Every file will be viewed and categorized with “Human Intelligence” or assessed according to your specifications. Our Clickworkers perform these services for entire media files such as video and audio files, as well as for individual segments or sections of the files.

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Search engine optimized file descriptions:

SEO Texts

Your categorized and tagged media files provide valuable content for your website. However, you can improve the content for search engine optimization by furnishing the media files with texts that describe the files and give a short summary of the content. This means that the content must be optimized for search engines such as Google; the text must be unique, relevant, interesting and spiked with the most important keywords. In addition to the search engines, your visitors will enjoy the information that complements the media files because they can inform themselves about the content and can select according to their own interests.

In addition to the tagging and categorization of your audio files, we will gladly handle the text creation service for you. The range of subjects in the content of your audio files can be highly diverse. We have qualified authors with a variety of interests and expert knowledge in our large crowd of Clickworkers, for example in the areas of:

  • Sport
  • Lifestyle
  • Computer & Internet
  • Business and Finance
  • Science and Research
  • Home and Garden
  • Film, Television and Music
  • Travel
  • and more
  • Our authors will write high quality descriptions of these as well as further media file content for you in numerous languages. The texts will all be written by native speakers only, and spiked with relevant keywords / tags according to your specifications. The texts are all subjected to a spelling, grammar and plagiarism check.

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