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Bottlenecks can occur at short notice when good quality unique content is required for Online Marketing projects. You will need numerous authors who bring along the topical expertise and guarantee high quality and fast delivery. Therefore, the search for appropriate texts can often be challenging.
Our international network of qualified clickworker authors can assist you at a moment’s notice. They create individual, unique content texts for your website, all of which are search engine optimized and available in numerous languages. We deliver quality assured finished texts; therefore, you have more time to concentrate on your core business.


In addition to unique content, our crowdsourcing solutions and services portfolio offers many more fields of application for the efficient implementation of your online marketing strategies. The following examples illustrate the fields in which you can use our solutions for your online marketing mix:

Product Presentation and pricing:

Those responsible for product presentation and pricing must make numerous decisions regarding the products that need to be classified in the range of online shop products, including how they will be presented, what services and added values can be offered and at what price.

Product Description

Informative, well-written and search engine optimized product descriptions are crucial to the success / the conversion of every online shop. Therefore, they should be given particular attention in online marketing.
The quality of the descriptions, the search engine optimization and the informative content are decisive factors for
  • customer purchase decisions
  • customer satisfaction and return rate
  • the reputation and image of the shop
  • the traceability of the products via search engines such as Google & Co. as well as internal on-site search functions
Qualified Clickworkers will write unique product descriptions according to your specifications. These include all the important keywords, basic information regarding the nature of the product in question as well as its applications. In addition to the factual and exhaustive description, our Clickworkers also observe the correct takeover of data and numbers relevant to the product.

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Product Data Management

Detailed and well-maintained product data are important criteria for the ideal presentation of products in your online shop. The selection of the product data that is displayed in the shop does not only involve providing the customer with mandatory statements and some basic information. On the contrary, it involves giving the customer additional relevant information and setting yourself apart from the competition. Discriminating customers with a greater consumer awareness are increasingly demanding information about environmental compatibility, ingredients, materials, skin friendliness, etc.
Detailed and well-maintained product data

  • provide your customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision and
  • deliver additional attributes to enhance the facet filters of the internal on-site search function.
Our Clickworkers will extract the product data requested according to your specifications and requirements from templates such as PDFs, image files, excel sheets or print catalogues at record pace. Our solution ensures the prompt, simple and resource saving digitalization and management of product data for direct import into your merchandise management system, PIM system or your shop.

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Product Categorization and Tagging

A well-structured shop in which products and offers are clearly listed in classes of goods and categories makes it easy for the customer to find the products they are looking for. The categorization and tagging of your products

  • will optimize the usability of your shop;
  • make it easy for your customers to find the products they are looking for by means of the internal search function and
  • mprove your search engine ranking with search engines such as Google & Co.
  • Our Clickworkers will be happy to fulfill this task for you. Our Clickworkers will classify each product from your range of goods into the appropriate category of merchandise in your shop and will also provide appropriate keywords on request.

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Access to the target groups via the Internet is expanding as a result of the increasing number of Internet users. Therefore, marketing managers are proportionately relying on the use of the Internet to communicate the desired message and information concerning the company, the products offered and services.

SEO Texts

The basic factor for success on the Internet is content. Website operators need content. On the one hand, to inform and entertain the visitors, and induce conversion, on the other hand, to be found on the Internet and achieve top search engine rankings. This means that the content must be optimized for search engines such as Google. Therefore, the content must be unique, subject-related, of interest to the user; it must be spiked with relevant keywords in the correct density and there must be as much content as possible available. The following are of interest to search engines and users:

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Nearly every company uses the Internet today as an additional, sometimes sole, sales channel. Decisive for the success is the functionality and simple sequence of the entire order process to ensure that customers can purchase the product quickly and easily. Physical proximity is irrelevant in online sales. This means that markets can be geographically expanded without much effort. Last but not least, the Internet is also suited for customer acquisition.

Verification and enrichment of mailing address data

If you intend to acquire prospective customers and reactivate former ones, you will find that well-executed online email campaigns can be very effective. An accurate database with the relevant contact information concerning companies and contact persons is the basis for targeted email campaigns.

  • Contact
  • Email addresses
  • Company
  • (Company) Range of products, offer and services
  • Company headquarters
  • and more
  • Our network of qualified Clickworkers research and validate these data according to your specifications as well as further optional address data on the Web. These high-quality address data are the foundation for the success of your email marketing campaigns. Our service and the large network of Clickworkers enable the update or enrichment of thousands of address data at record pace.

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Web Research of Leads

As the selection on the market increases, customers find offers less frequently on their own. It is therefore important to locate prospective customers and lead them to the offer instead of waiting for them to come on their own. The Web also lends itself to the search of new, prospective B2B customers. Potential customers, i.e. companies or institutions for whom the offer is relevant and who are therefore presumably basically interested, can be searched for on the Internet. For example via the search for relevant

  • sectors
  • lines of business and subject areas
  • offers & products or
  • regions.
  • Our network of qualified Clickworkers will do the research for you. They search the Web for companies and institutions that have a fundamental interest in your products or services according to your specifications. After obtaining the contact data and further information about the companies or institutions, it can be used for successful marketing activities and generated as leads.

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The examples listed illustrate the extensive uses of our crowdsourcing solutions in your online marketing activities. Furthermore, we offer additional fields of application such as:

  • Web research of email addresses of relevant editorial offices for your press mailing list,
  • Search for relevant fairs & sponsoring options,
  • Translations of product descriptions and other texts on your website for geographical expansion or
  • the involvement of our crowd in your Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

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