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4hoteliers: Crowdsourcing Tourism

Everyone knows that age-old adage, ‘if you want something done well, then you have to do it yourself’, but crowdsourcing firm Clickworker has gone completely against the grain instead deciding that, if you want something done well, then you have to get tens, or hundreds or even thousands of people to do it. more

Bayern2: The emergence of the digital working class

Crowdwork Bayern2 – Radio broadcast about “Crowdwork”
Outsourcing is a well-known concept. A further development of the idea is known as crowdsourcing. Work that was previously outsourced to low-wage countries is now going to people who are surfing the Internet: to the crowd. listen to the radio feature (in German)

Internet World BUSINESS: Working in the crowd

Clickworker takes over competitor Bitworxx
The Essen based Humangrid corporation has adopted the name of its clickworker portal. It has also taken over its competitor Bitworxx based in Ratingen. more… (in German)

Zeit Online: Earning money with a smartphone

Many companies outsource their mini-tasks in the Cloud. These jobs are worked off by high school or college students and freelancers. Some are even processed with a smartphone and for just a few cents. The jobs are in demand. more… (in German)

Batrepreneur: How to Earn Money Online: Paid Crowdsourcing

Writing product descriptions, categorization of web content, address and opening time research. There are bunches of tasks like these which need to be done. However, most companies don’t have the staff and time resources to deal with it. more

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