Crowdsourcing Projekt tennis-point

Search engine optimized descriptions of articles in 8 languages for an international website

Tennis-Point is one of the leading online shops for tennis articles, clothing and accessories in Europe.
Our French, English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Russian native speaking authors create search engine optimized descriptions of articles for the international Tennis-Point GmbH online shop.
Each description is unique, consists of 150 words and is quality tested before being delivered to the customer via API connection.

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Crowdsourcing Projekt sharewise

Texts that cover various financial topics

sharewise is a Web 2.0 online Community with an affinity for stocks and finance. Clickworkers who are interested in these topics write informative texts about various finance topics for the online portal. The text content is usually based on news and consists of between 300 – 350 words. sharewise orders the texts on demand via the Self Service Marketplace.

“The orders are handled very quickly and the completed texts are written entirely according to our specifications. Writing the texts ourselves would be very time-consuming and would require human resources that can be used more effectively elsewhere.”
says Stefan Nothegger, Managing Director of sharewise GmbH, about his experience with the Self-Service Marketplace at clickworker.


Crowdsourcing Projekt Kiveda

Texts that describe kitchens and kitchen equipment

Kiveda GmbH is a provider of high quality kitchens and kitchen equipment made in Germany.
Our authors write search engine optimized texts that describe the large assortment of Kiveda products. These unique content texts describe all of the items in 250 – 300 words. They are interesting and meet the customer’s style specifications and requests. In addition, a second Clickworker checks the texts for spelling, grammar and content errors as well as plagiarisms.

Crowdsourcing Projekt

Creating search engine optimized profile and portrait texts is one of Germany’s largest free online marketplaces for buying and selling classifieds, a platform for discussion, socializing and a business directory.
Our qualified Clickworkers write several hundred profiling texts about different German cities and regions, which are available to chose from on . They also write portraits on dog breeds and breeding associations, which are organized for the German Kennel Club Association. The texts are 250-350 words in length and are written in the style of a sample template, which provides predetermined keywords. Each SEO text is also checked and verified by a second Clickworker for spelling, grammar and content. Finally, all texts are checked for plagiarism.

Case Study

Groupon GmbH

Crowdsourcing Project Groupon GmbH

Coupon Promotion Text Creation

Groupon is the market leader when it comes to online deals and coupons for wellness, recreation, restaurants and more.
Many thousands of SEO optimized texts are created around the world by qualified Clickworkers. They are written in German, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish and Swedish.

Groupon says of the decision to utilize clickworker: “Our choice to go with clickworker was a quick and easy one, because the process is unbelievably simple and is carried out absolutely effectively. Specifically the high quality of the text convinced us that clickworker was the way to go.”

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