Boost online revenues with fresh content and data insights

Our cloud based platform, combined with our global workforce of 1 million Clickworkers, ensures rapid processing of your data delivering quality-assured results.

Upload your data or connect your e-commerce system and let our Clickworkers do the rest.

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Unique Content - Our native speakers will copywrite your product descriptions, buying guides and SEO-content in numerous languages.

Web Research

Have SEO campaigns optimized, addresses verified, leads prepared and contacts researched based on data from the web.

Categorization & Tagging

Get your products categorized, images tagged and videos analyzed and improve the customer experience of your online shop.


Run surveys, gather input and receive feedback from our crowd for faster decisions and more market insights.

AI - Training Data

Expedite the development of your AI system efficiently and get thousands of training data created and edited for machine learning. Testing of your AI systems and validations of the results will optimize it additionally.

Product Data Management

Get product features extracted, and product information digitized for improving your facet-search and basket conversion.

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Monitor brand campaigns and receive instant, up-to-date local market input by engaging our crowd on the ground via smartphones.

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clickworker Platform Tour

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clickworker Platform Tour

Choose Business Process

Select from predefined, best of breed business processes and determine how your input will be processed and quality assured. We provide customized solutions as well as standard solutions for

  • Copywriting
  • Surveys
  • Web Research
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • SEO Campaign Optimization
  • Categorizing of products
  • Tagging of images and videos

clickworker Platform Tour

Import Data

Product data, images, list of topics, videos, keywords, tags, categories, addresses, web links, ...

Upload your data from files, use web-forms, attach social media feeds or connect your shop system directly to our cloud. Our Clickworkers can access it and do the work for you.

clickworker Platform Tour

Define Order

Define your order and design forms using our form builder to determine how your input will be presented to workers and how results should be delivered.

clickworker Platform Tour

Monitor Progress

Stay informed about the status and progress of your order with our Dashboard and Reporting Tools.

clickworker Platform Tour

Export Data

Receive results the way you like. Use our file download or get results delivered directly into your PIM- and Content Management System.

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