Make your AI System smarter
with high quality, multi-faceted

Best Input for your AI System

We use the power of our global crowd of Clickworkers to generate, validate and label data.

The versatility of our team of qualified Clickworkers ensures you receive high quality, reliable AI training data that represents the kind of diversity that makes your AI model powerful and train your AI system to perfection.

Order AI training data that is specifically tailored to the requirements and goals of your AI system.

Best Input for your AI System
Computer Vision

Your AI system will gain high-level insights by using natural images or videos created according to your requirements specifically for its application by our diverse crowd.

Audio & NLP

Your AI system learns to interact appropriately with human (natural) language and to analyze its content data by feeding it with human-created training data.

Text Recognition & NLP

Improve AI for text recognition and NLP with our tailored training data. Our diverse text data and precise audio transcriptions enhance your application’s performance.

More than 6 million Clickworker based in 136 countries worldwide

Our Crowd

More than 6 million Clickworker
based in 136 countries worldwide

Clickworkers are a team of internet professionals registered with our organization. They work online, performing micro-tasks on our platform using their own desktop, tablet or smartphone (via Clickworker-App).

Clickworkers participate in projects on a freelance basis and according to their own schedule. They are compensated directly through us on a per assignment basis.

How Data is created

We use our Clickworker-App (for Android and iOS) to enable Clickworkers to easily create audio, video and image data sets and transfer them to you from anywhere in the world.

Clickworker App Clickworker App

Case Studies

Support Chatbot Training

Support Chatbot Training

(Authentic) user questions in a text-format can teach chatbots how to respond effectively to different human interactions.

Car Information System Training

Car Information System Training

Using recorded (authentic) user voice commands can optimize car information systems to correctly understand spoken instructions from different types of voices and languages.

Facial Recognition Training

Facial Recognition Training

Photographs of faces with different expressions from various perspectives can teach three-dimensional, automated facial recognition systems to recognize faces and moods correctly.

Why us


  • Company based in USA and Germany
  • Workforce located in 136 countries

Large Workforce

  • More than 6 million Clickworkers
  • More resources by partners on demand


  • Rigorous qualification process
  • Top-notch quality assurance measures

Extensive Expertise

  • Over 15 years of micro-task expertise
  • Completed over 1 million projects

ISO 27001 certified

    ISO 27001
  • Audited information- and security management system
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Secure storage, transmission and processing of data

Sustainability Commitment

  • Measuring and monitoring carbon footprint
  • Aiming for emission-neutral output

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