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Editors check the work of other Clickworkers. As an editor, you may correct small errors, give the author another chance to redo work, or reject bad work. The work of editors has some stumbling stones.

Often times our Clickworkers are surprised to receive a text back for rework, just to find a few minor typos. As long as the errors can be quickly corrected, you should simply correct them, rather than sending the text back or reject the text altogether. Here’s the rule of thumb: If it takes more time to explain the error to the author rather than correcting it yourself you should just make the correction. For the second editor this becomes an even more important decision: If you reject a text, that decision is final. The author will not have another chance to improve the article, which means is that s(he) will not get paid.

Don’t classify the text better than it actually is. On the converse, you are not doing the author (or yourself) any favors by classifying the text worse than it deserves. A wrong grade also reflects on your classification as an editor. Stay realistic and fair. Make use of the bandwidth you have to make a fair and realistic assessment of the text.

In addition, as an editor you also have the responsibility to read and understand the work instructions for each order. Standards, which are correct for one project, may not be correct for another project. The required tone or style of a text can vary from one project to another. Make sure you know ahead of time what you should and should not redline.

If you receive a text that requires extensive corrections it is important to remember to tell the author exactly what needs to be improved. A simple statement of “rework” is not sufficient and doesn’t tell the author if s(he) is looking for typos, grammatical errors, or bad style. Be precise when describing the issue – this will aid the other clickworker and will result in better outcomes.

As you can see, a bit of responsibility goes along with the task of editing the work of others. Please remember that someone spent time, effort, and creativity creating the text you are proofing. S(he) deserves for their work to be assessed fairly – just as you would want your next article to be assessed when it finds itself on the screen of another editor.

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Daniel Marz

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