Crowdsourcing Project 1stmover

Dr. Klemens Gaida talks about clickworker’s test of the book search engine/community at pinbooks.de.

1stMOVER is an incubator for start-up companies that develop and market innovative products and services on the web. Reporter Peter Moufarrège spoke with 1st MOVER’s chief executive Dr. Klemens Gaida about working with clickworker to further advance their search engine and community.

Peter Moufarrège: How did you find out about clickworker?
Dr. Klemens Gaida: “I am active in this area, I read a lot. In an article about crowdsourcing I read about clickworker’s concept. Then I had the idea to have Clickworkers do many jobs simultaneously such as product tests, community seeding and market studies, then I could kill many birds with one stone.”

Moufarrège: What did clickworker do for you?
Dr. Gaida: “They tested a web application specific to the pinbooks.de book search engine and community. In the first part of the test, the Clickworkers tested a function and made suggestions for improvement. In the second part, Clickworkers entered profile information and book content.”

Moufarrège: How would you rate the quality, speed and cost?
Dr. Gaida: “Up until then no one else had ever done a project like this one before. So naturally it required a lot of coordination at first. Above all I very much appreciated the efforts of the clickworker team; they quickly got the project running optimally. The turnaround time was very good. We worked together for four weeks. In that time over 500 Clickworkers worked hard on our projects. The cost was right at the top limit of our budget, but we are a young company and don’t have a lot of outside investment yet.”

Moufarrège: What makes clickworker different from other options?
Dr. Gaida: “We looked to see if, for example, we could perhaps work with an SEO service provider. But that would have only taken care of part of our needs. We also needed to test our portal, do a market study and generate content. For that we would have needed to work with specialized service providers. What tipped the scales for us in favor of clickworker was that once we gave the various jobs to the Clickworkers as one combined job, we didn’t have to do much ourselves – 99% was done by clickworker.”

Moufarrège: What sort of jobs could Clickworkers do for your company in the future?
Dr. Gaida: “We will do the same sort of job again in the future. 1st MOVER will surely launch a web application or two in the next two years and we will work with clickworker to test and launch it.”

Moufarrège: Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Dr. Gaida: “At first we had some problems validating the data because we were doing both testing and content generation. There is room for improvement on both our parts.”

Moufarrège: In conclusion: If you had to sum up clickworker in one sentence, what would that be? Dr. Gaida: “clickworker is a company whose individualized solutions and huge number of Clickworkers in web 2.0, can take care of many jobs that a start-up company might have, and do it extremely well.”

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