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Web research for 15,000 contacts Director Steffen Jarosch talks about clickworker

Intra2net is one of the leading German providers of comprehensive IT security solutions. They have more than 2,500 customers; small and mid-sized companies as well as freelance enterprises. clickworker found the addresses of 15,000 companies for Intra2net. Director Steffen Jarosch said of working with clickworker: “Honestly, for certain jobs there are no other options.”

Peter Moufarrège: How did you find out about clickworker?
Steffen Jarosch: “We looked on the web for someone who could find the addresses for us and came across an article about clickworker. We looked at the website and simply called. You could say that we found exactly what we were looking for.”

Moufarrège: What did clickworker do for you?
Jarosch: “In preparation for a direct marketing campaign we wanted to collect the names of contact persons at 15,000 companies. So we had the Clickworkers look on company websites to find and verify those addresses and the corresponding contact persons.”

Moufarrège: Were you satisfied with the quality, speed and price?
Jarosch: “The speed was absolutely impressive. It was done in less than three days. It was much, much faster than we expected- and the price was unbeatable! The quality overall was very good. We checked the results internally and the data delivered was over 95% correct. For the rest, either there wasn’t enough information available or the information on the websites was incorrect.”

Moufarrège: What makes clickworker different from other options?
Jarosch: “Honestly – for certain jobs there are no other options, especially in terms of turnaround time. We wanted the job done in 14 days. We could have never done it in that time internally. Even agencies estimated it would take 4 weeks.”

Moufarrège: What sort of jobs could Clickworkers do for your company in the future?
Jarosch: “We plan to have our addresses checked on a regular basis and to extend our research to other countries.”

Moufarrège: Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Jarosch: “Being able to have an immediate check of the postal addresses when the project is handed over.”

Moufarrège: In conclusion: If you had to sum up clickworker in one sentence, what would that be?
Jarosch: “For large research tasks that cannot be automated, clickworker is exactly the company you want to contact.”

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