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Chief Executive Christian Kramberg talks about clickworker’s lead research of 8500 department chairs and professors.

The human resources consulting firm of MSW & Partner is specialized in recruiting highly qualified college graduates, student teachers and young professionals.

Peter Moufarrège: How did you find out about clickworker?
Christian Kramberg: “Through the high-tech start-up fund. Kimeta, a company we founded, receives funding from them as does clickworker.”

Moufarrège: What did clickworker do for you?
Kramberg: “We had the Clickworkers find email addresses for 8500 department chairs and professors that we used to regularly write via postal mail. Now we can contact them by email.”

Moufarrège: How would you rate the quality, speed and cost?
Kramberg: “Speed and price, very good. The job was done in 3 days. Quality was good. We had a few bounce back to us. That was because many websites were not up to date and so the addresses were not correct, or they weren’t able to find them.”

Moufarrège: What makes clickworker different from other options?
Kramberg: “We could have hired staff to do this job. But they would have taken weeks and besides that they would have quickly lost their motivation. Other than that there aren’t any other real options.”

Moufarrège: What sort of jobs could Clickworkers do for your company in the future?
Kramberg: “clickworker manages a huge network. In the future we can see working with them to contact college students for events we have.”

Moufarrège: Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Kramberg: “The websites could be improved here and there. A potential client should be able to see in one glance where the advantages are and be able to find what they need in a few clicks. But that is always easier said than done.”

Moufarrège: In conclusion: If you had to sum up clickworker in one sentence, what would that be?
Kramberg: “If you are looking for addresses, emails or anything else that can be looked up in the web, then clickworker is the right place for you.”

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