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Chief executive Sascha Hottes talks about software descriptions written by Clickworkers for the online magazine

H² media factory produces two prominent online magazines and and is a customer of clickworker. Chief executive Sascha Hottes says of working with clickworker: “When you don’t have a lot of time and you can’t find a technical solution, with clickworker you are in the exactly right place.”

Peter Moufarrège: How did you find out about clickworker?
Sascha Hottes: “In June I read a blog about start-ups that included a report about clickworker. I then made contact via email.”

Moufarrège: What job did you have them do?
Hottes: Our online magazine offers free, downloadable software. Up until now the software descriptions were very different from one another. The earliest texts were written eight or nine years ago. We wanted to restructure the descriptions and make them all uniform. The Clickworkers wrote a few hundred texts, and we are in the process of getting a second phase going.”

Moufarrège: How satisfied were you with the quality, speed and price?
Hottes: “We went back to them for additional work so naturally we are satisfied. Speed is the main idea. We could not have completed this task in an acceptable amount of time with only a handful of people chipping away at it. All the material needed to be read so we couldn’t have programmed it either. Something like this needs a lot of manpower and clickworker has it.”

Moufarrège: What makes clickworker different from other options?
Hottes: You could try to hire students but they usually aren’t available in the desired numbers quickly enough. Other companies often only offer text creation. But we were looking for a partner who is process oriented, even for future projects, and that made clickworke standout from the competition for interface-based work.”

Moufarrège: What sort of jobs could Clickworkers do for your company in the future?
Hottes: “Many jobs that are pure text writing or structuring. Research of software programs for example, or product descriptions, creating screen shots or short videos.”

Moufarrège: Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Hottes: “I could imagine an online tool that would allow one to see in real time how much of a current job has been completed.”

Moufarrège: In conclusion: If you had to sum up clickworker in one sentence, what would that be?
Hottes: “If you don’t have a lot of time and can’t find a technical solution, then clickworker is the place to look.”