Welcome to Clickworkers from “America the Beautiful”

Welcome to Clickworkers from “America the Beautiful”

Until now, we only had a limited number of “global” Clickworkers. This was because of the limitations we had to get the money to people outside of Europe.

As of today, this is ancient history because of us introducing Paypal as a payment option. From now on it doesn’t matter if you live in Argentina, Canada, South Africa, or Japan: clickworker.com can become your Job 2.0

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Typical Errors – Part I

22.04.2010 clickworker blog 3 Comments
typical errors

There are common errors that manage to make it into our written work. We investigated a few of them and came up with a list for you.

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New Spell Check Feature

16.04.2010 clickworker blog 11 Comments
spell check feature - Text creation

Spelling correctly is sometimes not that easy. For whatever reason we memorize words incorrectly, spell words phonetically, or do not remember the spelling rules. Modern word processing software typically includes a spell check feature to help us with this problem. Until now, such a feature was not available at clickworker.com. We listened to you and implemented a spell check feature into our system.

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Successful Trade Show


Internet World, the B2B trade show, held April 13th & 14th in Munich was a successful show for us.

Our booth was very busy. Long lines indicated keen interest in clickworker.com

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Fewer rejected texts – not an art, but the result of proper preparation

14.04.2010 clickworker blog 2 Comments

There is no secret recipe that’ll assure that your text would receive approval from every editor. On any number of occasions authors will ask what the exact reason for a rejection was, or why a text was rejected for just a minor mistake.

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