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Creation of search engine optimized Glossary texts on financial topics
Online director Stefan Huegel about clickworker

IDG Business Media GmbH is the German subsidiary of leading global IT publisher IDG. This publishing house publishes among others, COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO and TECCHANNEL.

Peter Moufarrège: How did you hear about clickworker?
Stefan Huegel: It was through the efforts of clickworker’s CEO Wolfgang Kitza. He gave us a convincing presentation which sparked our interest in working with clickworker.

Moufarrège: Which tasks did you have them do?
Huegel: Numerous tasks. For our brand new Website we had them enter a lot of our glossary texts which were mainly about the financial sector. That content had high search engine relevance. Then we had them generate so-called product capsules for our platform. For that task, the Clickworkers gathered together references, tests and reports about products or product categories from available free web content. The biggest challenge of this job was that the information had to be entered into our system in a highly standardized format so that we could then enter it automatically into our Content Management System.

Moufarrège: How would you rate the quality, speed and price?
Huegel: The cost-effectiveness is good; if it weren’t then we wouldn’t have chosen clickworker. Delivery is fixed, that is to say you get out of it what you put into it. Speed mainly depends on how precise our input is– the more specifically we explain what we need, the more efficiently the Clickworkers can deliver. Overall we were pleased.

Moufarrège: What distinguishes clickworker from other options?
Huegel: What we value most is knowledge of the German market and its wants and needs. In Germany there currently are noticeably more businesses that do this sort of crowdsourcing. But many of them have strategies that are based upon their experience in the USA. Our opinion is that the domestic German market has characteristics of its very own and that they don’t have anything to do with the characteristics of the American market.

Moufarrège: What sort of jobs might your company have clickworker do in the future?
Huegel: The work Clickworkers do for us is an alternative to content that we would have had our editorial offices set up for us. We don’t view this as a replacement but rather as a complement, one that we turn to when we want to generate a lot of content quickly, cost efficiently and with flexibility. Overall, there are many projects that we are considering giving to clickworker.

Moufarrège: What suggestions do have about improvements?
Huegel: I would like to see shorter response time for new jobs. There can be bottlenecks when structuring a new job. But as mentioned before, that too depends on our input; the more specific it is the faster things can get going. Once the job is in the system, everything runs like clockwork.

In conclusion: If you had to describe clickworker to someone in one sentence, what would that be?
Huegel: clickworker is a huge collection of flexible research resources on the web that allows me to have quality, relevant and low cost content generated for my company.

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