Release Marketplace and small Updates

25.06.2010 clickworker blog 1 Comment

After weeks of hard work by our developers we just released a new design of our Client Marketplace that matches the corporate design and adds improved support for additional languages, countries, currencies, and payment methods.

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Rebuilding the website – an update…

24.06.2010 clickworker blog 1 Comment

We are very delighted with how many of you sent us your terrific ideas about the rebuild of our website. Thank you to all who participated.

Now it‘s time to start making the technical changes. We will keep you informed about these changes step-by-step. Here is a look at a few of the suggestions that were frequently made and that will possibly be implemented:

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Payment – How do I get paid?

22.06.2010 clickworker blog 26 Comments

Even though we hope working at is fun, we know you are here mainly to earn some money. The process of getting paid is explained in our FAQ section. Yet we still get the occasional email asking how payment works at So we’d like to take the time here to explain this again in some detail.

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What is PayPal and how do I use it?

15.06.2010 clickworker blog 9 Comments

European Clickworkers may now choose PayPal as a new way to receive payment for your work with us. Those Clickworkers who already have a PayPal account and wish to get paid via PayPal in the future only need to give us the email linked to their PayPal account. Go to “Clickworker Profile” and enter in the email address that is registered with PayPal. For new Clickworkers and those of you who are unfamiliar with PayPal, here is some basic information.

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Clickworker Support Staff introduces themselves

08.06.2010 clickworker blog 3 Comments

For many Clickworkers it can be rather intimidating to send a question to the support team. For some it might be too time consuming and others might think that many answers from support are automatically generated. This might be true at some online communities but not here.

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