Clickworker against the radical right – a beginning


It began with us wanting to support a non-profit organization and to do something positive.

Our internet research led us to the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung. The foundation has clear goals: to develop and support efforts for a democratic society and to actively work against the radical right, racism and anti-semitism.

We can only support these goals!

Project idea and execution

The foundation doesn’t have the means or the manpower to search the vast expanses of the internet for radical right wing content. They don’t – but we do. If only a fraction of all our Clickworkers searched for such content and report it back to us, in return for a symbolic cent, we could collect a huge databank full of information.

So we quickly put this task out onto our work platform. Clickworkers searched around the globe for pages with radical right wing content and sent us the links. We collected the data, sifted out those that were reported multiple times, and condensed them into a database.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation analyzed the results, rated their severity and passed those links onto other institutions such as who then either sought legal action or worked to shut down the sites. The material is also being used for training manuals and workshops on how to develop communication strategies against such radical groups.

A pause in the project – looking back

In just 7 months a total of 1,100 different radical right wing, racist and anti-Semitic sites were found. Most of them were online shops or websites where right wing radicals could network or socialize. The hard work of our Clickworkers made it possible to have an overview of right wing activities. These activities have been documented and measures were taken to work against or get rid of these groups. We would now like to thank all the Clickworkers that took part in this effort to work against the spread of radical right wing views.

We would also like to introduce another projects that use crowdsourcing to further their non-profit goals. If you know of such projects, please let us know by writing us a comment.

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Angelina Conic

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Debi 12.11.2011, 22:56:39 Uhr


I have never been accused of being, or mistaken for, a racist or anti-Semitic, but I AM a conservative who leans right and is keenly aware of the powers who try to shut them up. I had no idea Clickworker was one of these political organizations intent on hunting down “right wing activities” then “documenting them and taking measures to work against or get rid of these groups”?

If you would like to ‘introduce other projects’, why not start with keeping track of radical LEFT wing groups who are systematically destroying the America so many of us have known and loved for decades while they create a dismal future for the next generation.

AND, in addition to revealing your “charitable” endeavors to your clickworkers, why don’t you also make it clear to your clients that you shamelessly maintain such a biased agenda?


Ines Maione – Public Relations 18.11.2011, 11:41:31 Uhr


Germany is a democratic country that offers its citizens the right to their own political opinion and stance. And it should be that way. Right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and other discriminatory beliefs and actions are misanthropic however and have nothing to do with democracy. Just the opposite in fact, these comments make it clear that their author/writer basically declines the freedom and equality of all people. Therefore they stand in contradiction to our “Grundgesetz” (the German constitution). Of course there are also several left-extremist beliefs and actions that also do not conform to our system. But we’re not a company that is trying to “save the world,” rather we’re a commercial company, which also strives to fulfill a social responsibility and enjoys engaging in meaningful projects – regardless of whether they are against extremists of the right- or left-wing, or are against any other problems.