Another upgrade for the customer site


In June we launched our newly renovated customer portal. There were only a few small changes made because the priority at that time was the new corporate design. But in September there will be a much more comprehensive update.

This time the focus will be on how contracts are entered into the system. We want to make that process even easier and as pleasant as possible. We hope the changes we have planned for the import functions of the various data formats will help.

Here as an overview of the major changes:

  • Transfer of data via spreadsheet (Interface tabulation; JSON, XML, CSV or Excel).
  • The spread sheet can constantly monitor progress made on the contract.
  • Prices (both gross and net) will be calculated and posted while the contract is being completed.
  • The ability to select or prohibit individual Clickworkers from working on the project.
  • Entry forms and results can be customized by the user. In this way, the data types and rules for data validity can also be determined.
  • Payment by credit card.
  • Payment by SEPA Credit Transfer.
  • Invoices can be sent monthly or per order.

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Florian Fiegel