How is the total number of available jobs calculated?


Our Helpdesk is often asked why so relatively few jobs are available for Clickworkers to work on, when they can see that there are many more jobs available overall in the system. In this article I will try to explain how this number is calculated and what you can do to increase the number of jobs available to you.

The number of contracts we have leads to the number of individual jobs on the platform. Given our numerous quality control measures, one task might actually lead to numerous jobs. For example, if the job is to write a text, then generally there is the writing job, a proofreading job and a final approval job. For quality assurance we use technical means to ensure that jobs get completed by a variety of Clickworkers. This way we are sure that a Clickworker will not have to proofread his or her own text. This also means that no matter what your qualifications are, only one-third to one-fourth of all jobs are available to you for completion.

Remember though, the number of jobs available to you also depends on your qualifications, knowledge and interests. You should make sure you fill out your Clickworker profile completely especially the list of your language skills. Be sure to stay current on basic and other project qualifications.

Your scores on basic and specific project qualifications determine whether or not you are permitted to work on specific jobs. Many of our text writing jobs require having earned a score of at least 75% at author training in the target language. It’s a good idea to do your best during qualification tasks.

Other jobs, especially translation jobs, require an exact combination of native and target languages as well as passing the required author qualification. That is why it is important to correctly identify your language skills on your user profile. If you did not enter your language skills into our system when you registered, you can do it at any time on the Clickworker profile.

In conclusion, some projects require specific project qualifications. When you have successfully passed these, you will then be allowed to work on those jobs.

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Peter Schuster

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marcia mcphee 14.09.2010, 23:50:41 Uhr


Hi. This was interesting. I have a suggestion, however. Proofreading is a very big deal when doing most of these projects.
May I suggest that you go to Paragraph 3, “You should make sure you “to” fill out….”, and remove the word “to”? I know, I’m a pain, but proofreading really is a big thing with me, and it just pops out….If you fix it, I’ll be very happy ;-) p.s. I didn’t proof the entire thing but would be willing to do so for a nominal fee!
Thank you.

Florian Fiegel 15.09.2010, 09:12:51 Uhr


Thanks for the advice! I corrected the mistake.

Doug 27.09.2010, 21:25:09 Uhr


Also, some missing punctuation in the same paragraph.. perhaps a semi-colon between
‘profile completely; especially the list of your language skills’
My .50 worth. :P