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High-School sports media network places its trust in

California-based, an American Internet sport media network, is the latest addition to’s client portfolio in its drive to expand into the US market. is Europe’s most successful company for paid crowdsourcing. has commissioned to tag films and images of various sporting events for popular high school sports. In addition to traditional American sports such as American football, baseball and basketball, the deal also covers other sports, including soccer and lacrosse.

The video footage added to the platform enables over 60,000 worldwide registered and qualified users — “Clickworkers” — to work on the micro-jobs dissected from the original project. Clickworkers work in their own time and from their own computers.

As part of its collaboration with, Clickworkers will be taking on various tasks: apart from identifying the home team and the match situation, particular moves will be captured and tagged with specifically defined keywords before being allocated to the participating players.

“With, we have gained another client whose requirements can be perfectly met by our online platform, and over 60,000 global Clickworkers.. We offer companies like the opportunity to process their videos or even text and images efficiently and quickly in a targeted way,” explains Wolfgang Kitza, CEO .

The films produced are aimed at players and trainers alike. For example, players can use the videos to apply for sports scholarships awarded in the U.S.A. or simply to impress their friends with spectacular scenes, whilst trainers can use them to learn about players or as an aid for future training programmes.

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