Interactive and Entertaining – dmexco 2010


dmexco, which was took place on September 15th and 16th, was this year’s place for everything relating to the digital marketing industry. Approximately 15,800 industry insiders visited the roughly 355 national and international exhibitors spread out over the 27,000 square meters of the exhibition hall. Attendance this year was higher than last and the exhibition spaces were completely sold out.

We had a lot of fun at the conference! There were many events and promotions such as photo shoots, interactive games and games to win prizes. Some of the stands were fun just by themselves. There was an ice skating rink and one stand was decked out like a hunting cabin. This all made for a very lively and entertaining conference.

Our presence there was a big success and added to the overall buzz at the conference. Our team, made up of sales, solutions, IT, marketing and management, lead many interesting talks. There was a lot of interest in our company and our services. Besides getting some general information about our company, some potential customers were able to have important questions answered and some even had initial test projects go online right at the conference.
We benefitted greatly from this conference; we learned a lot about “digital marketing” and also gathered many new ideas.

We are already looking forward to dmexco 2011!

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