Why Is Payment Only On The 7th Of Every Month?

30.09.2010 clickworker blog 2 Comments
Clickworker payment

clickworker.com pays their Clickworkers always and only on the 7th of every month. Should the 7th fall on a weekend or legal holiday in Germany or the United States then payment will occur on the first workday after the 7th. There is a technical reason for this payment schedule, and that is because tasks can be rejected up to seven days after their completion. After this waiting period a completed task is automatically considered accepted and the Clickworker can have the agreed amount credited to their account in payment for their work.

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Interactive and Entertaining – dmexco 2010


dmexco, which was took place on September 15th and 16th, was this year’s place for everything relating to the digital marketing industry. Approximately 15,800 industry insiders visited the roughly 355 national and international exhibitors spread out over the 27,000 square meters of the exhibition hall. Attendance this year was higher than last and the exhibition spaces were completely sold out.

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How is the total number of available jobs calculated?

14.09.2010 clickworker blog 3 Comments

Our Helpdesk is often asked why so relatively few jobs are available for Clickworkers to work on, when they can see that there are many more jobs available overall in the system. In this article I will try to explain how this number is calculated and what you can do to increase the number of jobs available to you.

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Another upgrade for the customer site


In June we launched our newly renovated customer portal. There were only a few small changes made because the priority at that time was the new corporate design. But in September there will be a much more comprehensive update.

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