A review of BarCamp OWL


BarCamp OWL (Ostwestfalen-Lippe) took place last weekend the same time as CrowdConf. Though was smaller in size and dealt less with crowdsourcing BarCamp was certainly not less interesting.

Though this BarCamp had lower participation even when compared to other BarCamps (around 60 people), BarCamp OWL had a feeling of familiarity. This gave everyone the opportunity to really network intensively even though the selection of sessions was a little limited.

Some of these sessions were still very interesting. One we found especially interesting was Stefan Peter Roos’ session titled “Global Brain”. This session considered how the internet, with all its many applications such as crowdsourcing or networks such as Twitter, basically shows how the brain is structured, especially in terms of limiting elements such as speech and culture barriers.

During the session about Crowdsourcing and clickworker.com there were many legal aspects as well as social influences discussed. They provided us with some good topics to address in future blog posts; so thank you to the people who participated in that session.

Also, thank you to everyone else who participated and to all those who organized the event. Even though it wasn’t possible to fulfill all the BarCamper’s wishes, it was still a successful BarCamp.

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Florian Fiegel

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tanalahy 12.10.2010, 20:02:48 Uhr


Die Session über Crowdsourcing und clickworker.com hat mich dazu inspiriert, die Plattform bei Gelegenheit einmal zu testen. Auf jeden Fall kann ich sie an Freunde weiterempfehlen.

Florian Fiegel 12.10.2010, 22:27:57 Uhr


Danke. Wir freuen uns in jedem Fall über Empfehlungen und Erfahrungsberichte.