The number of jobs available on has gone through the roof!!


Those of you who’ve visited our website in the past few weeks might have noticed that the number of available jobs on our platform has noticeably increased. Recently there consistently have been over 200,000 jobs available.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that we had been working with a couple of big customers for a few months, getting their projects ready, and now they are finally in the production phase.

The second reason is that the nature of the projects has changed recently. We used to have a lot of text writing and translations jobs. Now we have many more internet research tasks. Specifically we’re doing a lot of address research, verification and completion of provided information.

Numerous address book companies have been using our platform and our community to collect further information about provided addresses. From there the information is often used as base data for navigation systems. Given that there are over 4 million company addresses in Germany alone, and that they are always changing, we are going to be busy with this for a long time! Customers from other European countries and from the States are also knocking on our door…we’ll have to see how that goes.

To make these jobs more appealing and a bit more interesting for our Clickworkers, we’ve started a raffle and have had two competitions in the past few weeks. They were hugely successful!

During October and the first week of November our Clickworkers completed 406,759 jobs, all done in our usual high quality manner of course!

And recently one of our Clickworkers was the first to earn a total of 10,000 €.

And so it continues…

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Wolfgang Kitza

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thefuture2 17.11.2010, 14:40:18 Uhr


Wie schafft man den bei den geringen Vergütungen 10.000 EUR?

Youtube Music 17.11.2010, 22:11:15 Uhr


Das klingt doch mal hervorragend. Dieses Service ist echt eine gute Sache :)

Vielen Dank.

Digital Angel Donna DJ 18.11.2010, 05:37:39 Uhr


This is wonderful! Thanks!

Maurice Van Geenhoven 22.11.2010, 10:50:59 Uhr


These are good news and very encouraging. Lots of work ahead !

etrusca 23.11.2010, 15:37:35 Uhr


I hope that will be good news for me too!

Daniel Marz 23.11.2010, 16:52:36 Uhr


Der fragliche Clickworker ist zum einen bereits seit mehr als einem Jahr “dabei”. Zum anderen ist er für viele verschiedene Bereiche qualifiziert, so dass für ihn fast immer auch Aufträge vorhanden sind. Und er arbeitet auch häufiger auf als der Durchschnitts-Clickworker.

Angel Garcia 26.11.2010, 22:34:51 Uhr


Congratulations,! No doubt this success is due to a great team and excellent planning. And this is just the beginning … working all together, making a great team, we will achieve great goals.

Digital Angel Donna DJ 01.12.2010, 05:29:16 Uhr


I have a hard time believing that anyone could make that much, because I’ll see jobs there in my dashboard that says that there are 95 jobs, but I’ll do a few and then I get a message that says…

“There are no further jobs available on this project.”

Why get to do only 5-25 when there was like 95 listed? If you’re only going to let us do a few then list EXACTLY what we will get to do. It’s confusing.

Claudiu 30.04.2012, 21:33:25 Uhr


I don’t have any job in my dashboard, if i register on MTurk Amazon jobs , i can do 10-20 $ in first day..maybe this is an example for I bring here referals and what can they do here ? Nothing two days will go. Not good!

Daniel Marz 07.05.2012, 16:46:57 Uhr


Dear Claudiu,
have you filled your profile and done available assessments? These are requirements to see jobs. However, depending on your qualifications and skills, there are Clickworkers that see many jobs and some, who do not.