Merry Christmas from


Dear Clickworkers, Dear customers,

Everyone here at would like to thank you for the successful year we have had together in 2010 and we would like to wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas.

With your help and support this year 1,500,000 microjobs were uploaded onto and then completed on our platform. This is certainly a tremendous accomplishment for us all.

Right now we are taking it easy over the holidays so that we can hit the ground running in 2011. We estimate we’ll have over 10,000,000 microjobs next year and we hope we will count you among our happy customers and happy Clickworkers.

We look forward to continued success with you. With best wishes…

Your team

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Wolfgang Kitza

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manon786 18.12.2010, 13:00:10 Uhr


Wünsche dem Team von Clickworker
ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und weiterhin viel Erfolg im kommenden Jahr.
Möchte mich an dieser Stelle auch einmal für den super Support bedanken.

Daniel Marz 18.12.2010, 15:23:04 Uhr


Vielen Lieben Dank für das Lob!

Oliver Mundy 21.12.2010, 18:46:42 Uhr


I discovered last July and have found it a very useful means of supplementing a very meagre income and using time that would otherwise have gone to waste. I must particularly compliment you on your exceptionally prompt and helpful support service (Daniel, that means you!)

Best wishes for the season, therefore, and renewed thanks.

Daniel Marz 22.12.2010, 12:46:47 Uhr


Thanks for the warm words!

Maurice Van Geenhoven 22.12.2010, 16:56:45 Uhr


I wish to all the team a very Merry Chrismas and Happy New and successful Year like the one we just finished, and even more, as you said. Thanks to Daniel and his fellows for your support and encouragement along my first steps in that job. Thanks also to all the patient correctors I’ve had on my jobs.

lorenza 24.12.2010, 18:14:41 Uhr


Merry Christmas to everybody

lorenza 24.12.2010, 18:24:21 Uhr


and a Happy New Year too

samapa 24.12.2010, 20:50:26 Uhr


Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año 2011. Deseo un año nuevo maravilloso para todo el equipo.