Merry Christmas from

17.12.2010 clickworker blog 8 Comments

Dear Clickworkers, Dear customers,

Everyone here at would like to thank you for the successful year we have had together in 2010 and we would like to wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas.

With your help and support this year 1,500,000 microjobs were uploaded onto and then completed on our platform. This is certainly a tremendous accomplishment for us all.

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The winners of the “Travel Data Research” raffle have been drawn

16.12.2010 clickworker blog 7 Comments

Recently, we launched the new project “Travel Data Research”. The Clickworker’s task was to research comparable prices for specific travel dates and for a given destination.

Every Clickworker participating in this project could win one of the following cash prizes if they completed at least one job on 5 consecutive days.

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15.12.2010 clickworker blog 4 Comments

…not once, not twice, but three times! How is that possible?

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Time is running out – but why?

08.12.2010 clickworker blog 13 Comments

Every clickworker has undoubtedly noticed the countdown clock in the black information bar that starts counting down at the start of (almost) every job. However, many of you might not know why there are these time limits and what role they play for the individual jobs.

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