The secret is out: not every customer review found in online stores, or on review portals, come from a user who has actually tested the product themself. Good reviews simply increase sales. Thus, companies are always trying to move their products in a better light through fake product reviews.

Sadly, sexual harassment is a daily occurrence in Egypt. Unbelievable but true – there has been no explanation yet. At the time of the Mubarak government, the blame was placed on most victims — claiming they were not “sufficiently veiled” and provoked men. The Internet portal Harassmap.org is using the principle of crowdsourcing to unite women to be heard.

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Crowdfund your Book ProjectAnyone who would like to write and publish their own book must first jump over some major hurdles. The creative process of actually writing the book is only the very beginning of every book project. From proofreading, graphic design and PR/marketing to printing and distribution – it takes a monstrous process before books hit the shelves of a bookstore. And each step of the way costs capital that is usually pre-financed by the author, publisher, and in some cases with sponsors.

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A lot of people are looking for jobs that fit their lifestyle. Moms are looking for jobs they can perform without having to neglect their children, handicapped people appreciate being able to find work without being discriminated, and people living abroad are interested in jobs where they can use their native language. This, and a lot more, is what “Humangrid GmbH” or “Clickworker” stands for.

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Contracting text writing, programming and other tasks to freelancers over the Internet, so-called “crowdsourcing,” is already par for the course in the American workforce. However, when allocating valuable tasks to a “crowd,” there are a few things to keep in mind. more… (in German)

The numbers are in and we are clicking to the top! The Daily Crowdsource has compiled a report on the investments pouring into crowdsourcing. In their recent article they visited questions such as, how much money is available in crowdsourcing and who is receiving it?

And Clickworker is proud to find itself at the top of the list! Listed as the top funded micro-task crowdsourcing firm, we would like to high-five our clickworkers and thank our supporters. With fantastic projects like the photo archiving for the George Eastman House and our newest creation SEOtextcreation.com Clickworker keeps the crowd cheering. Check out The Daily Crowdsource’s article to find out the current allocation of crowdsourcing capital and what other companies share our micro-task category.

Clickworker utilizes its workforce in the cloud to catalog and tag more than 400,000 photos — bringing to life yet-unseen collections from the world’s oldest photography museum.

George Eastman House the world’s oldest photography museum founded in 1947 on the estate of Kodak founder George Eastman, and Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announce the kick-off of a large-scale, iconic crowdsourcing project. The project involves the photo-tagging and cataloging of more than 400,000 images from George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

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Our CEO, Wolfgang Kitza, is proud to accept the invitation to join The Daily Crowdsource’s editorial group of innovative leaders and trendsetters known as Crowd Leaders. As a Crowd Leader Wolfgang will contribute his expertise and thoughts on news, controversy and trends in the realm of crowdsourcing. Stay tuned for his first piece. Friday’s article will be the first of three, which take a shrewd look at the emergence, heated debate and power of clicktivism.

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paypalHas waiting four weeks for your money been a nuisance? Or do you work only occasionally as a clickworker and sometimes barely hit the $10 account minimum?

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clickworker APIIn the first Techtalk article, I described the various ways a client can use the clickworker platform. In addition to our two main service avenues, Marketplace and Solutions team project development, we offer an automated order and result delivery system which presents many new benefits to clients, particularly for those with more complex orders. One primary benefit of this new system is clients no longer having to deal with the manual transferring of every data set via email or web browser and the manual retrieving of results. This can be completely automatized.

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