Should make an internal forum?

28.01.2011 clickworker blog 24 Comments
New Clickworker Forum?

We’ve been thinking about it for a while now, whether it makes sense to have a new, more direct form of communication between us at, in addition to the currently-available social media platforms, e-mail and blog commentary.

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Crowdsourcing and Crisis Communication 2

25.01.2011 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Crisis mapping using the principles of crowdsourcing is growing. Recently, a children’s hospital in Boston created a crisis mapping project called this site the location of outbreaks of various viral illnesses worldwide are posted on a map in order to better fight potential epidemics. Not only does HealthMap obtain their information automatically from official sources such as scientific articles (for instance ProMED) and articles in the general media but they also gather information from sources in the community.

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Crowdsourcing and Crisis Communication


In December 2007, after the post-election violence in Kenya became widely known, a team of bloggers saw the need for a new type of crisis communication, so they designed the internet platform Their new site uses the crowdsourcing model for charitable, non-profit goals. They want to publish information about rioting, epidemics, and natural disasters much more quickly and have that information be much more transparent for help and rescue organizations, journalists and the public at large.

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