Moving abroad – how do I change my profile?

February 23, 2011 clickworker blog 2 Comments

Be it for a job, or simply wanderlust – many of our Clickworkers are moving, and not just to another town. These days, working from anywhere in the world is not a problem. Those who choose to leave their home countries still have their Clickworker accounts. But when they arrive at their new residence, some Clickworkers come to us saying, “I can change my address in Workplace, but not the country! Does that make any sense?”

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HELP, I can´t save!

February 18, 2011 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Sometimes it happens: you´re trying to save an assignment and all you get is an error message. Often this can happen with an error that is easy to fix, which blocks you from being able to save.

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