Clickworker to Host First-Ever European Crowdsourcing Convention In Berlin, Germany on June 15, 2011


Global crowdsourcing innovator behind first European conference focusing exclusively on the emerging sector

Clickworker, a rapidly growing global crowdsourcing innovator providing quality-assured content solutions , including SEO text creation and data authentication, will host Europe’s first-ever Crowdconvention, a crowdsourcing-focused event, in Berlin, Germany. On June 15, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding companies, investors, customers and experts from Europe and the U.S. will come together to explore key issues in this rapidly growing sector.

“Clickworker is thrilled to be offering this opportunity to bring European and U.S. colleagues, sector experts and customers together to share vision, trends and realities shaping the future of the industry,” says Greg Curhan, CEO of Clickworker U.S. “Given the explosive expansion of the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding sectors, networking among leadership is crucial. Crowdconvention will be the first-ever European networking and idea-sharing hub for professionals in the crowdsourcing sector. “

The Crowdconvention program features a number of top experts in the crowdsourcing space. Speakers include Jeff Howe, author of the bestselling “Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business” and Carl Esposti, founder of the popular website In an effort to facilitate industry thought-sharing and collaboration, Crowdconvention organizers have carved out substantial time for networking, exchange of information and discussion. Crowdsourcing is currently one of the most innovative emerging industries today, showing incredible growth potential for the future.

The event has attracted sponsorship from key international participants, including San Francisco-based CrowdFlower (the official platinum sponsor) and Finland’s Microtask (a silver sponsor).

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