Clickworker Tripping

29.04.2011 clickworker blog 1 Comment

(written by Rieke Oeldorf, Germany, Clickworker since August 2010)

Clickworker on tour When I got the opportunity to do an internship in London at the end of last year, I jumped at the chance. I was in my third year at a full-time position and needed a change of scenery. This chance came just at the right time.

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How Companies use Crowdsourcing

18.04.2011 clickworker blog 4 Comments

An online community´s support, opinions and ideas are invaluable. You all know how Clickworker uses the power of the crowd. Those in our crowd write or translate texts or do research of many different kinds. But how do other companies utilize their crowds´ creative potential? Here is a sample of a few interesting models:

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Crowdsourcing and Art

04.04.2011 clickworker blog 4 Comments

The crowd creating one work – an innovative art concept

Can you really couple art with crowdsourcing? A few recent projects have shown how art is made through crowdsourcing, and just how diverse the results can be.

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