Role of Employment in CrowdsourcingEmployment. A complex issue in its own right. And all the more complex for a tool like crowdsourcing that spans almost all countries and industries. While in Berlin at Crowdconvention, I picked up on some stirrings on this topic. And a debate seems to be on the horizon.

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wolfblogWhat happens when you get 150 crowdsourcing experts and leaders together in a swank hotel in the middle of Berlin for a day? Apparently nothing less than an explosion of ideas and an interesting collection of accents. I was glad I could contribute in both respects!

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It’s been a wild ride.

Ten years ago crowdsourcing wasn’t even a word. At the time, NASA was still trying to figure out how to get people they later called “clickworkers” to find and categorize photos of craters on Mars. And, in the greater scheme of things, the idea of connecting businesses, causes and people online was just beginning to sprout. It wasn’t until 2006 that Jeff Howe coined the phrase crowdsourcing.

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Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announced this week it has reached a workforce of 100,000 in the “cloud”, also called clickworkers.

Clickworker is a “go-to” marketplace offering a range of quality-assured content solutions for clients who need large-scale projects completed quickly and accurately. From SEO text creation and data authentication, to translations and copywriting, these tasks generally can’t be completed by a computer or efficiently through a company’s existing personnel structure.

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