Lacing the soccer boots – with a little help from the crowd


soccer and crowdsourcingWhile Americans call it soccer, the rest of the world knows the game as football, and it looks as though the world’s sport is finally taking off in the U.S. with a little help from crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

Soccer and crowdsourcing aren’t complete strangers: England’s Ebbsfleet United became the world’s first crowdsourced football club back in 2007 when several thousand fans came together to collectively purchase and run a football club. While that experiment garnered worldwide attention, today the United States is well on its way to hosting the next crowdfunded football club, one that hopes to use its celebrity founders to garner support for the nascent soccer scene in sunny San Diego, California.

Former U.S. National team star Eric Wynalda and England’s Warren Barton (formerly of prestigious Newcastle United F.C.) have joined forces to create a professional team for the San Diego area using crowdfunding to raise funds. This effort is being undertaken to ensure that local youth, who play the game prodigiously in their early years, have somewhere to play after their high school and club team years come to an end. Hoping to find 50 donors from the crowd before launching the new club, both Wynalda and Barton bring decades of footballing and managerial experience to the project; now all they need is a bit of help from the crowd!

Clickworkers already have some experience in the sporting world, too, having partnered with to help tag and categorize over 3,500 videos from high school football games (American football that is). As Major League Soccer continues to grow in popularity here in the U.S. we at clickworker look forward to any potential collaboration our Clickworkers could offer to help the world’s game grow in popularity in America. What could the next big project be? It’s anyone’s best guess, but just imagine the sport’s next superstar being spotted on a high school video clip by the crowd. Now that’s something to think about!

Andrew Nossiter
Inside Sales Manager, Clickworker

(Picture by flickr user Nina Matthews)

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