Goodbye scam packages – consumer portal relies on the crowd


consumer portal relies on the crowd“Fruit yogurt” without fruit, “sheep’s cheese” made with cow’s milk and a “light snack”, which turns out to be a sugar bomb. When buying food at the supermarket, we often have to study the fine print. Many manufacturers say their products are better for us than they really are. This in not only unfair to the consumer, but can also be really dangerous – when alcohol is hidden in whipped cream or chocolate contains traces of nuts, allergies can be triggered for unassuming customers.

There are already many rules and guidelines on food labeling. But who should monitor this, considering the masses of products that now fill our supermarket shelves? German consumer centers and the Federal Ministry of Food and Consumer Protection have now found out the answer: They seek help from the crowd!

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Tweet Gems from the Tweet Book


crowdsourcingI was recently asked to give my assessment of the newly-released “#CROWDSOURCING Tweet”. The project is a clever collection of the best tweets about crowdsourcing. Everything from highly-academic observations to harsh scrutiny about the practice to historical citations of crowdsourcing’s beginnings. Written by two serial book authors who have utilized crowdsourcing before in their many endeavors, Kiruba Shankar and Mitchell Levy are the perfect pair to curate this discussion. Since my response to their request quickly turned into a rave review, I wanted to share some of the best bits I read with you all.

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Industry – A Cloudy Debate


Wolf BlogSince my blog duel with The Daily Crowdsource’s David Bratvold about whether crowdsourcing is an industry or not, we have let the forum simmer a bit on the topic and gathered some interesting points from crowdsourcing leaders and enthusiasts. You’ll remember that just over a week ago, we began a part academic, part linguistic debate about what to call crowdsourcing. We were asking: Is it an industry? Is it a work process? Or, is it something for which we still don’t have a proper name? And this week has also allowed me to think about the whole discussion from some distance – up in the cloud, if you will.

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What is Clickworker API anyway? – Pt. II


clickworker APIIn the first Techtalk article, I described the various ways a client can use the clickworker platform. In addition to our two main service avenues, Marketplace and Solutions team project development, we offer an automated order and result delivery system which presents many new benefits to clients, particularly for those with more complex orders. One primary benefit of this new system is clients no longer having to deal with the manual transferring of every data set via email or web browser and the manual retrieving of results. This can be completely automatized.

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Stop and smell the revolution


Crowdsourcing Grows Beyond ‘Industry’

rowdsourcing Grows Beyond ‘Industry’In Crowdsourcing is Not an Industry, Let’s Stop Calling it One David Bratvold of Daily Crowdsource brings up some worthy points to prove it. The piece was a strong showing, but I think there’s more to this debate than we’re taking into account. The crux of this debate lies not only in linguistic and symantic dissonance, but something larger. Something which grows out of the nature of the information era we live in.

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