When Newspaper Enthusiasts Become Investigative Journalists

25.08.2011 clickworker blog 1 Comment
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How the Crowd Could Take the Wind out of Somalian Pirates’ Sails

18.08.2011 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Piracy seems like an issue of the past, yet even today heavily armed pirates off the coast of Somalia have become an immense geopolitical problem. In the meantime, the issue has even earned itself a Wikipedia entry.

More than a thousand pirates currently threaten important international shipping routes as well as essential food shipments off of the Horn of Africa, leaving the ramshackle Somalian government completely overwhelmed.

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Leading The Pack – Clickworker CEO, Wolfgang Kitza Crowned A Crowd Leader


Our CEO, Wolfgang Kitza, is proud to accept the invitation to join The Daily Crowdsource’s editorial group of innovative leaders and trendsetters known as Crowd Leaders. As a Crowd Leader Wolfgang will contribute his expertise and thoughts on news, controversy and trends in the realm of crowdsourcing. Stay tuned for his first piece. Friday’s article will be the first of three, which take a shrewd look at the emergence, heated debate and power of clicktivism.

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100 Years later, WWI Archived by the Crowd


Crowdsourcing The year 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, and with it the official debut of a prodigious crowdsourcing project. In March the German National Library, along with the University of Oxford and the european digital library – Europeana – began the call for contributions to their project, “The First World War in everyday documents”. The project will be made up of photos, letters, diaries, film, voice recordings and memorabilia from the era. The project will be expanding upon the Great War Archive, begun in 2008 by the University of Oxford. The goal is to have archival material from at least 10 countries collected and made accessible to the public by 2014.

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Weekly paychecks for all PayPal users – starting at 1 cent!

04.08.2011 clickworker blog 37 Comments

paypalHas waiting four weeks for your money been a nuisance? Or do you work only occasionally as a clickworker and sometimes barely hit the $10 account minimum?

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