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Contracting text writing, programming and other tasks to freelancers over the Internet, so-called “crowdsourcing,” is already par for the course in the American workforce. However, when allocating valuable tasks to a “crowd,” there are a few things to keep in mind. more… (in German)

The numbers are in and we are clicking to the top! The Daily Crowdsource has compiled a report on the investments pouring into crowdsourcing. In their recent article they visited questions such as, how much money is available in crowdsourcing and who is receiving it?

And Clickworker is proud to find itself at the top of the list! Listed as the top funded micro-task crowdsourcing firm, we would like to high-five our clickworkers and thank our supporters. With fantastic projects like the photo archiving for the George Eastman House and our newest creation Clickworker keeps the crowd cheering. Check out The Daily Crowdsource’s article to find out the current allocation of crowdsourcing capital and what other companies share our micro-task category.