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inePowerHouseMechanicGeorge Eastman House the world’s oldest photography museum founded in 1947 on the estate of Kodak founder George Eastman is kicking off a large-scale, iconic crowdsourcing project – with pro bono archiving from Clickworker!

The project involves the on-going photo-tagging and cataloging of more than 400,000 images from George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

Utilizing Clickworker’s innovative crowdsourcing technology, George Eastman House will be able to bring archives into the digital age, making them easily accessible to the public — in many instances, for the very first time.

“Clickworker is excited to help the renowned George Eastman House archive world art and history in our latest corporate responsibility project,” says our CEO Wolfgang Kitza. “It’s not just one country or one cause – but we’re actually helping archive the world. The collection offers the most intimate look at the pioneers of photography and their art. It is truly a perfect partnership to showcase our international and multifaceted services. And as a result, the world will have an accessible visual library.”

George Eastman House holds unparalleled collections of nearly half-a-million photographs from 9,000 photographers.

“Our partnership with Clickworker enables us to make our photographs searchable and ultimately make our collections more accessible to the world,” says Dr. Anthony Bannon, the Ron and Donna Fielding Director at George Eastman House. “Clickworker not only provides professional insight into the subject matter of our images, but also the option of crowdsourcing in several languages, which is ideal for our internationally focused collections.”

If you want to help saving history, please register as a clickworker and start on the project assessment, Qualify to Tag Photos for a Good Cause.

(Mechanic At Steam Pump In Electric Power House (Lewis Hine) – Property of George Eastman House)

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23 Kommentare

Saskia 01.09.2011, 18:35:17 Uhr


This sounds really interesting, but there’s no such assessment to be found when I log on :<

sinimmar 02.09.2011, 00:30:12 Uhr


I love tagging photos, especially such useful ones. But who, when and how? I couldn’t find any assessments? Where will it start? Who can contribute?

Alicia 02.09.2011, 01:53:10 Uhr


I’m not seeing the assessment in my project assessment area!

I would love to do this. Any suggestions?


Angelina Conic 02.09.2011, 09:22:52 Uhr


Hi there, the assessment will be placed online today. Everyone can contribute, who speaks English. Please keep in mind that this is a nonprofit project.
Support & Community Management

sinimmar 03.09.2011, 00:06:40 Uhr


Unfortunately I couldn’t see any tasks all the day.

Shantra 03.09.2011, 08:17:26 Uhr


The assessment for the archiving is still not showing and I am really interested in doing it.

Daniel Marz 03.09.2011, 14:41:44 Uhr


Yes, the project hasn’t started, yet. It was planned to start yesterday, but we need to do some final adjustmentss.

Shantra 03.09.2011, 22:53:57 Uhr


Thanks for the info.

Sam 04.09.2011, 19:47:00 Uhr


This sounds absolutely amazing! What a wonderful assignment this would be and getting to be a part of history too… sounds like when this is done clickworker’s prestige will go through the roof…. i hope i get to be a part of this!

Sam xx

Yc 04.09.2011, 21:00:52 Uhr


und wann starten die Aufträge bzw. muss man sich qualifizeren?

Daniel Marz 05.09.2011, 10:18:29 Uhr


We are planning to get this project started on Monday, 5th.

Yc 06.09.2011, 09:03:34 Uhr


Muss ich mich Qualifizeren?

Angelina Conic 06.09.2011, 09:09:22 Uhr



Sie müssen sich lediglich qualifizieren, falls Sie an dem Projekt teilnehmen möchten. Die Entscheidung liegt vollkommen bei Ihnen.
Support & Community Management

Yc 06.09.2011, 09:11:12 Uhr


Und wann steht diese Qualifizierung bereit? Bzw. die Aufträge?

Angelina Conic 06.09.2011, 09:13:38 Uhr


Momentan werden noch die letzten technischen Bugs ausgemerzt. Wir vermuten, dass wir das Projekt mitsamt Quailfizierung heute online stellen können.
Support & Community Management

Amy 06.09.2011, 21:07:25 Uhr


So, it’s Monday the 5th but no assessment. Any upsate (in english, please!)

Daniel Marz 07.09.2011, 10:14:35 Uhr


The project is online. You find the assessment in the “project assessments” area and need a score of 90% to participate in the project.

Brett 08.09.2011, 00:01:46 Uhr


I got 92%, but the project is not showing up.


Daniel Marz 08.09.2011, 09:57:17 Uhr


Seems like the first few thousand images have been tagged and we have to upload new ones.
The project will appear in your job list as soon as we do this.

HR Mayer 10.09.2011, 09:04:07 Uhr


Wie sind die Teilnahmebedingungen?

HR Mayer 10.09.2011, 09:04:57 Uhr


Was ist zu tunP Bitte um Details.

Daniel Marz 13.09.2011, 14:39:22 Uhr


Um sich zu beteiligen, benötigen Sie 90% in der entsprechenden Projekt-Qualifizierung. Danach wird Ihnen das Projekt in der Auftragsliste angezeigt.
Es kann allerdings zwischendurch immer wieder sein, dass alle eingestellten Bilder abgearbeitet sind und wir erst einmal neue Aufträge hochladen müssen.

Shantra Matthews 28.10.2011, 23:39:08 Uhr


When will the archiving project begin again?