We’re back at it again – Clickworkers against fascists

12.09.2011 clickworker blog 11 Comments

The far-right political scene began to develop on the Internet long ago. From video forums and music portals to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. – the “World Network,” commands the extreme-right scene. The Internet offers many opportunities to spread propaganda, to attract voters and to network with other supporters.


In 2009 and 2010 Clickworker collaborated with the Amadeus Antonio Foundation to combat right-wing extremists on the Internet. The enormous potential and commitment of our clickworkers has made it possible to report a total of 1,100 unique web pages with far-right racist and anti-Semitic content – all within just a few months. This helped to not only get an overview of the far-right political scene on the Internet, but also to activate countermeasures: web pages have been removed and communication strategies for content comparison on the Internet are being developed based on the collected materials from our clickworkers (see also: Clickworker against the radical right – a beginning ).

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Beautify Your City – Cleaning Up With Crowdsourcing

07.09.2011 clickworker blog 6 Comments

Are there actually any streets without potholes? A train station without graffiti on walls and trains? A park path with all lights brightly lit? We all constantly come across these nuisances in our cities. But have we ever done something to counter them? Maybe a few among us even have some cool ideas about how we could make improvements in our own cities. The best ideas often stay ideas because lots of people don’t make the effort to submit suggestions and proposals to the responsible local government bodies.

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Archiving the World

01.09.2011 clickworker blog 23 Comments

inePowerHouseMechanicGeorge Eastman House the world’s oldest photography museum founded in 1947 on the estate of Kodak founder George Eastman is kicking off a large-scale, iconic crowdsourcing project – with pro bono archiving from Clickworker!

The project involves the on-going photo-tagging and cataloging of more than 400,000 images from George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

Utilizing Clickworker’s innovative crowdsourcing technology, George Eastman House will be able to bring archives into the digital age, making them easily accessible to the public — in many instances, for the very first time.

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Microtask Financing: We’re Clicking to the Top


The numbers are in and we are clicking to the top! The Daily Crowdsource has compiled a report on the investments pouring into crowdsourcing. In their recent article they visited questions such as, how much money is available in crowdsourcing and who is receiving it?

And Clickworker is proud to find itself at the top of the list! Listed as the top funded micro-task crowdsourcing firm, we would like to high-five our clickworkers and thank our supporters. With fantastic projects like the photo archiving for the George Eastman House and our newest creation SEOtextcreation.com Clickworker keeps the crowd cheering. Check out The Daily Crowdsource’s article to find out the current allocation of crowdsourcing capital and what other companies share our micro-task category.