Sadly, sexual harassment is a daily occurrence in Egypt. Unbelievable but true – there has been no explanation yet. At the time of the Mubarak government, the blame was placed on most victims — claiming they were not “sufficiently veiled” and provoked men. The Internet portal is using the principle of crowdsourcing to unite women to be heard.

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Crowdfund your Book ProjectAnyone who would like to write and publish their own book must first jump over some major hurdles. The creative process of actually writing the book is only the very beginning of every book project. From proofreading, graphic design and PR/marketing to printing and distribution – it takes a monstrous process before books hit the shelves of a bookstore. And each step of the way costs capital that is usually pre-financed by the author, publisher, and in some cases with sponsors.

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A lot of people are looking for jobs that fit their lifestyle. Moms are looking for jobs they can perform without having to neglect their children, handicapped people appreciate being able to find work without being discriminated, and people living abroad are interested in jobs where they can use their native language. This, and a lot more, is what “Humangrid GmbH” or “Clickworker” stands for.

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