VW is looking for the Facebook Fanwagen


facebook fan carIn the Netherlands, Volkswagen is setting on a very unusual advertising tactic. The German automobile manufacturer wants to design a Facebook style „Fanwagen“ that will cruise the streets of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is relying on the assistance of users of the social media platform Facebook. Based on the Crowdsourcing principle users can decide which of the two cult models will come out on top by clicking on the Like button. The choices are either the timeless VW Beetle or the hippie Volkswagen Bus Transporter 1.

The first model to get 20,000 clicks will go into special production. The winner of the Fanwagen can revel in a real style icon of Volkswagen history without foregoing the familiar Facebook settings in the real world anymore. Take the privacy settings: in Transporter 1 the settings can be adjusted by closing blue curtains. The gear knob is in the typical Like thumb shape and the current relationship status can be displayed below the licence plate. The Fanwagen is also equipped with a wall and a calendar – albeit in analogue form. And if you don’t want to drive alone you can invite your friends to join you in your new car with the true to style “Add Friends” imprint.

At present, it looks as though the Dutch fans prefer the roomy Transporter 1 to the small beetle. 17,875 of the nearly 33,000 fans have already voted for a remodelling of the Transporter 1 into the Facebook cult mobile. However, only the final voting will show which blue classic hood crosses the finishing line first.

Photo: bavarian bully from: wecand

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan