EteRNA: Playing The Way to Scientific Success

January 24, 2012

Scientists from the Carnegie Mellon and Stanford Universities are relying on support from the crowd to get to the bottom of some of the mysteries of life. In the online game EteRNA players can participate in the scientific process.

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New Crowdsourcing Campaign for Boston

January 20, 2012

Some time ago the city of Boston entered crowdsourcing campaign territory with the„Citizens Connect App“. The city called on its citizens to use the app to localize shortcomings on the streets of Boston. Inspired by the success of the app the city is now ready to attempt a new crowdsourcing project – this time it wants to make Boston’s street more bicycle-friendly.

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Environmental Monitoring with Crowdsourcing

January 12, 2012

The NASA project “Digital Earth Watch” (DEW) involves the documentation of environmental data collected by satellite as well as “ground-level” investigation. The collection of so-called “ground level” information is gathered by the crowd. Therefore, interested residents, students and public organizations are being encouraged to take part in the “Picture Post” project.

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Welcome aboard!

January 6, 2012 clickworker blog 11 Comments

We would like to introduce one of our newest members to the Clickworker family. Andrew is a new support team member who recently graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in German language. He lived abroad in Freiburg, Germany for two years where he studied German and renewable energy implementation. At Clickworker, Andrew answers support questions from our San Francisco office, helping to make our clickworker support nearly 24 hours. Additionally, he is responsible for creating Clickworker Campaigns to engage the crowd and enhance the clickworker community. Take a look at his bio below and join us in welcoming him to the team!

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