Is crowdfunding the future of quality journalism?

May 8, 2012 clickworker blog 6 Comments

crowdfundingFreedom of information versus copyright, pirates versus artists and journalists: when it comes to the availability and expenses of content on the Internet, conflicting interests collide. And, in the case of socially relevant information in particular, it is difficult to decide who is in the right: the journalist who has put a lot of time and travel into research and expects reasonable payment for his quality articles? Or the citizen for whom information about politics, economy and society satisfy a fundamental need that also lower-income users must not be excluded from?
There are numerous debates on the subject; the age of Internet is acclaimed as being ground-breaking for journalistic equality and feared as the end of quality journalism.
The truth might be somewhere in between, and perhaps journalists, publishers and users will have to be creative and develop new models for the communication of knowledge on the Internet. Such as the platform.

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