On May 10, 2012, scientists from Yale University presented “Map of Life”, a virtual large-scale project with crowdsourcing potential. The interactive global map www.mol.org gives a comprehensive overview of the global distribution of animal and plant species.

This is how the map works: by clicking on the section of a country, the interested user is shown a list of species occurrence in the selected area. Furthermore, by entering the English or Latin name of a species in the search function, you can view the distribution of habitat of any given animal or plant.

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There is one issue that everyone generally agrees on in Germany, its economic model, the “social market economy” is the key to Germany’s economic success. This model, based on competitive economy, with the aim of linking free initiative to secured social progress through economic performance, is still the basis of the German economic and social order. An important prerequisite to maintain the function of free enterprise is an ethical awareness and responsibility for companies participating in market activities, as well as accepting social responsibility for society and the environment. This is also referred to as corporate social responsibility (CSR). more… (in German)

And the winner is …the new forum for clickworker.com will go by the name of “Clickworker Lounge” and will soon be open to all Clickworkers.

We are currently working at full speed to provide the “Clickworker Lounge” with all the necessary functions. Before the informative threads relevant to the work at clickworker.com can go online, we are still looking for a creative and unusual avatar that Clickworkers can select as a place holder for their user image in the forum profile.

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