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Mosquito science

We’ve all experienced it: you’ve spent a summer evening seated on the balcony, taken a walk in the woods or left the light on in the bedroom while airing before bed: the next morning, an itchy spot. On the arms, legs or face: a mosquito bite. But a bite isn’t always bite, and mosquito isn’t always mosquito. Nobody really knows what types of mosquito are found in Germany. But that’s about to change, with the help of different research institutes and the crowd.

On the Internet page a map shows which mosquitoes feel at home in which regions of Germany. Internet users are needed. Not digitally, but practically – as mosquito hunters. The homepage that was created by a number of different research institutes says “If a mosquito lands on the wall or your arm, simply put a jar over it, screw the lid on, and that’s it. The next step is to kill the mosquito you caught. Put the jar in the freezing compartment and leave it there until the next day. Then all you have to do is make sure your prey gets to us.” The site of the find and the time can be filled in a preprinted form, and the finder can also state whether they want to appear by name on the homepage or not.

However, the project is not only meant to satisfy the hunting instincts of human beings and the curiosity of the scientists. A serious research interest is behind the idea. “Since mosquitoes have been scientifically neglected in Germany for many years, fundamental knowledge about the distribution and occurrence of the different species is missing. […] Some mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects can transmit germs“, explain the scientists on their homepage. And they also have political backing. They are working on behalf of the Robert-Koch-Institute and the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

Up until now, the mosquito hunters haven’t been very active, the Germany map of the mosquito atlas shows only 25 dots. But the summer season is approaching, and the next time the mosquitoes bother you on the balcony, you can think about catching them instead of hitting them.

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Andreas Pfau 17.07.2012, 18:03:21 Uhr


Tja, ich habe da dieses Problem inzwischen in den Griff bekommen. Zum ersten, Balkon haben wir nicht, also ist dieses schon fertig für die Akten. Zum zweiten, ein wunderbares Fliegennetz an allen Fenstern und schon herrscht nur noch Frieden. Kein rumgeschlage oder geklatsche, selbst die lästigen kleinen Obstfliegen müssen draußen bleiben, und das sogar ohne Warnschild “Wir müssen draußen bleiben” . Also alles ohne Gewalt und ohne Chemiekeule, gehts noch umweltfreundlicher?

Ma19 23.07.2012, 00:23:16 Uhr


I spend some of my summer outdoor cleaning my lawn and have too wear long pants and a sweater the mosquito are eating you alive I also used the spray repil too not get bites

pesciolina84 31.07.2012, 18:44:25 Uhr


interesting initiative!

Martha 05.08.2012, 19:37:34 Uhr


I think all of the martial arts were developed in Asia because of the ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO!