Fashion victims among themselves: the crowd defines the fashion scene


What is or is not “in” is not being resolved on the global catwalks anymore; the Internet is often taking the decision to the fashion victims.

The basic idea is easy. Anyone who relates to fashion and accessories can start their own personal blog and share their daily outfits, shopping buys or style sins to potential readers. However those who prefer being part of a large community and a larger crowd, or even hope for the great breakthrough occasionally post their photos on global fashion websites, such as This platform is governed by hobby models worldwide who upload unusual street outfits and set the fashion tone. What becomes a “hype” in this community is decided exclusively by the crowd.


What’s more, the strength of the crowd has not slipped the attention of the fashion industry. Some brands now rely on the taste of the crowd when it comes to selecting their products. “I buy what I like” could be the motto of the crowdsourcing-based community Community The website addresses both producers and consumers and sees itself as an interactive pioneer in the organization of the fashion landscape. Registered users can take an exclusive look at the future line of goods from well-known international fashion labels and cast a direct vote deciding whether the new products will be successful or end up as shelf warmers.


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Mandy Meyer-Steffan