Game Funding: Retro gamers reanimate childhood memories


Some video games are more than just a pastime for gamers. This assessment has been applied ever since games were officially elevated to the level of cultural artifacts. The core video gamers, the so-called connoisseurs from the outset, also share this appreciation. This is logical: why shouldn’t game history classics evoke contemporary memories in the same way music and films do?


The devotion of the retro gamer knows no limits. It’s no wonder then that the willingness to sponsorship has been given wings by the crowd funding idea. At kickstarter or the new online platform Gambitious, indie developers try to find generous backers to prefinance their projects. Game giant EA has jumped on the bandwagon and is providing three months of cost-free use of its company-owned download platform Origin for the distribution of crowd funded games. The advantages for small developer companies are obvious. Prefinancing makes the development of a title possible while reducing the financial risk. Furthermore, the popularity of the title can be partially evaluated before it is launched.

Wasteland 2 The absolute no-brainer for developers seem to be sequels for retro games. Wasteland 2, the sequel of a dystopian roll game dating back to 1988, acquired a slim 2,933,252 US dollars from 61,290 backers. This exceeded a threefold of the envisaged target amount. The success of Shadowrun returns is less surprising but no less gigantic. Based on popular pen and paper role game and initially launched for Nintendo and Sega Genesis, this game has a dedicated fan community at its disposal that are itching for their adventures to appear on a PC and tablet in new design. The next retro funding project that has started is Project Giana. The German developers of Black Forest Games want to give the legendary Super Mario clone Giana Sisters a proper facelift and are incorporating completely new ideas into the gameplay. Retro nerds can also look forward to the participation of Commodore sound maestro Chris Hülsbeck in Project Giana.

The success of popular retro title crowd funding projects might well make gambler hearts beat faster. However we can only hope that with all due nostalgia, the trend toward retrospective will not get in the way of the classics of the future. Because the second Shadowrun title is already at the (Kick-) starting line.

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