Yippee, my package has arrived – Tracking packages with the crowd!


Lying in wait for the mailman to deliver packages might soon be a thing of the past. The Internet service http://www.parcello.org has made a point of supplying valid statements about when long-awaited orders from online shops or private packages will reach their destination.

The procedure designed by Parcello is not based on the direct tracking of individual packages as in the package tracking services previously provided by the parcel services. It is based on a system of predictions derived from user entries.

Registered members can go on the website and type in when the parcel service delivered their package. With this information, as well as the dispatch address and the possible delivery route, one can calculate when other packages will be delivered in the neighborhood.


For instance: Emil and Egon both live in Berlin. Emil lives in the Schützenstraße 15. He is standing at the window of his comfortable two-room apartment. He is anxious. It’s already 2:30 PM and his girlfriend Esther will be back from work in an hour. Since Emil waited too long to get his girlfriend a birthday present, he hopes that the iron, urgently ordered online, will be delivered before his sweetheart gets home. And this is where Egon comes in. It’s 2:44 PM, the doorbell rings. Egon gets a package from his grandmother. He goes online at parcello.org , and types in that a package was delivered in the Krausenstraße 65 at 2:44 PM. Emil, now absolutely panicked, has begun to search for his package. He sees that a package was delivered by the same parcel service only 350 meters from his home. He can relax. He knows that his doorbell will ring any minute…

In addition to information about the more or less exact time a package will be delivered, the crowdsourcing-based website also offers another plus. With every time designation supplied by crowd users, 0,08€ are donated to an animal welfare organization of their choice. According to Parcello, nearly 80% of the revenue acquired by advertizing will be donated to the animal welfare organizations Feline Senses e.V., Pusztahunde e.V. and Tiertafel e.V.

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rolyn 26.09.2012, 12:24:08 Uhr


Looking for a tracking number.. certainly this mechanism sounds both as something new and something strange, aboveall really ‘curious’ in true sense of term, when instead you can relaxedly follow shipments by connecting to a classic and functional monitoring system via Internet. Shibboleth relax, but time’s changing!